Lush Spring 2014 Chat Party

Lush Spring 2014 Chat Party

To celebrate the release of the Lush Mother’s Day Collection they’ll be a Lush Spring 2014 Chat Party on Thursday, April 10th!

The chat party is held live on their website and Lushie’s from around the world can gather to chat about their favorite products as well as take part in trivia to win Lush goodies and prizes!

Along with the Mum’s Day Collection you’ll also have a chance to purchase a limited edition Retro Lush product that they’ll be bringing back for a limited time during the Chat Party! I haven’t a clue what it will be but one can hope it’ll be some sort of shower gel!

What are you wishing for a return of?

Don’t forget to join the Lush Spring 2014 Chat Party on Thursday, April 10th, it begins 2PM PST and ends at 9PM PST.

  • 4/9/14 10:48 Ruth:

    One of my besties works for Lush and has treated me to some really awesome LE items! trying to find them on the regular is like hunting for unicorns. The Comforter body lotion smells amazingly divine, like it came from the heavens above. Avowash is my favorite thing that they make and every time she goes to a new store, I ask her to see if they have it so I can hoard it away for when I run out.


    • 4/9/14 10:56 Isabella Muse:

      I love comforter body lotion! and the body wash (I have one small bit in my fridge left over) and Avowash was amazing! Kinda hoping for Catrina shower gel to come back!


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