MAC 129SE Proenza Schouler Powder/Blush Brush Review

MAC 129SE Proenza Schouler Brush

I imagine MAC or Proenza Schouler are going to hate me but the MAC 129SE Proenza Schouler Powder/Blush Brush should be placed on a list of things you do not need.

Seriously MAC, $38.50 for a short handled brush? You have Holiday Brush Sets that cost $10 bucks more and include five brushes and a bag how do you think you can get away selling the MAC 129SE Proenza Schouler Powder/Blush Brush, which is essentially a mini travel size brush, for near $40 bucks?


The MAC 129SE Proenza Schouler Powder/Blush Brush has a short gradating (or perhaps you’d like to call it ombre) purple, grassy green, and green metallic handle that features the Proenza Schouler and MAC name on the handle in black. It’s a good brush to use to sweep powder on but I find the 129 Brush isn’t something I use daily since the bristles are kinda long and floppy so I have no real control over it! This isn’t a brush I’d use for blush application merely powder. The handle is sturdy but the bristles are a little scratchy though.

MAC Proenza Schouler Brush

MAC 129SE Brush

For me personally I don’t mind spending good money on brushes but I find the fact they are charging near $40 for a brush that’s essential something you’d get in one of their Holiday Sets quite crazy! Even more insane? The MAC 129 full size is a mere $35 dollars.


It’s been a while since I truly ranted about something but this was brush was just all kinds of ridiculous to me.

What in the world are they thinking?

I’d say skip it!

What are your thoughts on the MAC 129SE Proenza Schouler Powder/Blush Brush?

It launches April 24th at all MAC counters or online at but don’t say I didn’t warn you about picking it up!


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  • 4/15/14 10:18 kimkats:

    FORTY BUCKS?! Um, not in this lifetime, MAC…. The day I pay $40 for a single brush that sumbitch is gonna do my dishes and windows at least! Love the handle, but doubt I’d touch it for even half the price, if the bristles are scratchy… PASS.


    • 4/15/14 10:22 Isabella Muse:

      lol my thoughts exactly. what in the world?! the full size is less than the mini!?!??! how what who!?


  • 4/15/14 11:57 Fancie:

    Smh these brushes are always scratchy and floppy. I get it’s “couture” packaging but $40? Way overpriced. Especially when the full sized version that’s actually good quality is cheaper. I really hope too many people aren’t suckered into buying this.


  • 4/15/14 12:05 heather:

    not worth it. plus the LE brushes aren’t usually the same quality as the brushes in the permanent line.


  • 4/16/14 11:29 Wendy:

    I have no problem paying $40 for a brush, just not that one LOL


    • 4/16/14 11:32 Isabella Muse:

      lol ;-D


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