Maybelline Blush Burst Baby Lips Review & Swatches

Maybelline Blush Burst Baby Lips

Maybelline Blush Burst Baby Lips is another shade of limited edition Baby Lips Lip Balm released with the Maybelline Pink’ed Collection.

Weirdly enough Blush Burst is my favorite shade and it has zero pigment.

Go figure?!

Maybelline Blush Burst Baby Lips is a pale shade of baby pink which applies transparently on lips. This has virtually no color so even paler lips won’t see any color transfer on lips.

Strangely enough it’s one of my favorite shades from the collection. I know, I’m odd! The reason I like it is because it applies with a nice bit of slickness so my lips feel quite delightfully moist while wearing it and I like the nice shine it adds to my bare lips. So no color here, but a nice bit of shine and I’m board with that. Typically I don’t get very much shine from Baby Lips but this shade has a nice glossiness to it so if I’m looking to go naked this is a nice shade to do as it allows the natural rosiness of my own lips to look good by adding a good deal of shine!

Maybelline Blush Burst Baby Lips

Although as with all Baby Lips I feel the need to chronically reapply it since it wears away very quickly!

But if you don’t love the idea of too much tint and many of the Pink’ed Collections shades have been quite pigmented than I’d settle up with Blush Burst for shine but no color.

Maybelline Blush Burst Baby Lips is available for a limited time at drugstores.

Tried it?

Do share!

  • 4/1/14 14:44 sarahd:

    I looked everywhere for this today to put in my daughter’s Easter Basket….nobody had it!!! She doesn’t like a lot of color-she is very fair skin and more of a ‘natural girl’…picked up the mad for magenta shade but will keep on the lookout for this one!!!


    • 4/1/14 16:32 Isabella Muse:

      good luck sarah I hope you find dear!


      • 4/2/14 12:59 sarahd:

        WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Snagged one of the last two at Walmart today!!! Into the Easter Basket it goes!!!


        • 4/2/14 13:04 Isabella Muse:



  • 4/1/14 16:24 Cindy:

    Do you think it’s anything like the Tarte Lipsurgence Tint in Energy?


    • 4/1/14 16:30 Isabella Muse:

      no, you get tint from a bright pink from Tarte’s version, this is transparent, no color just shine.


  • 4/3/14 12:25 Amanda:

    I just picked this one up yesterday! Admittedly, I thought it would have had more of a baby pink color tint, and I haven’t used any of the other shades from this line yet, but I do love this one. It just makes my lips look all-around better and for less than 5 bucks a pop you really can’t go wrong. Loves me some Baby Lips! Love your blog, Muse. I have only commented a few times but I visit you every day ^_^


    • 4/3/14 12:27 Isabella Muse:

      thanks Amanda 😀 very flattered! I thought it was a nice shade, just basic, no frills! I could use a bit more moisture with these but I like this is nice and shiny ;D


      • 4/3/14 12:37 Amanda:

        Agree – I have had the WORST dry lips this winter (I bite too much, too), so I really just have been Blistexing it up for months. I love the Baby Lips though since they are so cheap you can collect them all — I have an OCD need for “completeness” so I usually try to pick each one up when they come out with new limited edition lines because I can (since they are so cheap). I’m also a smoker (tsk tsk, I know), so I can’t keep lipstick or gloss on for the life of me so I keep a bunch in my car, bag, jacket so I can just re-apply all day. It’s really one of the only drugstore-brand lines I always religiously try to pick up because they’re so great (and cute). I’ve been using the tinted ones over my medicated balm though. I have the Baby Lips Dr. Rescue which I think would work a lot better for me if I just had chapped — and not disgustingly ripped apart — lips. Well, maybe that’s a little exaggerated but they didn’t work as well as I wanted. I sound like the Baby Lips task force over here. I was looking for official photos and information on the new Pink’d line and couldn’t really find any and you were one of the only ones who actually had a good, succinct review of the line! Thank you!


  • 5/22/14 16:25 Nicole:

    I have fallen madly in love with the “blush burst” shade…does anyone know of anything comparable? I looked on Amazon but it’s only available in a 5 pk and I would rather not spend 35-40 bucks on 5 lip glosses of which only 1 I surely love. I found some on e-bay, too, but WHAT ABOUT WHEN I USE THEM ALL UP? lol


    • 5/22/14 16:44 Isabella Muse:

      awww I know the feeling Nicole! have you checked ebay!?


      • 5/22/14 17:43 Nicole:

        I did check ebay! So I’m going to get a couple from there but it won’t last forever. lol I don’t know much about make-up so I was just thinking if I could find something similar to it, I could still be satisfied. haha


  • 8/8/15 14:04 Kelly:

    Am I the only one that gets some color payoff from this? It is MY FAVORITE ever! Im so upset it was limited edition. I wish I could find a dupe :( they need to come out with this line again


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