Maybelline Glowing Garnet Color Elixir Review & Swatches

Maybelline Glowing Garnet Color Elixir1

Maybelline Glowing Garnet Color Elixir is a new limited edition shade that launched with the Maybelline Bleached Neons Collection for Summer 2014.

Garnet? Not really but this raspberry shade of pink is still gorgeous none the less!

Maybelline Glowing Garnet Color Elixir is a pretty rosy raspberry shade. It has an opaque finish in a single application but layering does brings more intensity and boldness to the shade. It contains no shimmer or sparkle.

The Color Elixir formula reminds me of L’Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stains but they feel considerably more moisturizing with a thicker and creamer texture than the L’Oreal Extraordinaire Lip Colors. They give my lips a plush finish with a nice hydrated feeling. They aren’t aren’t completely lightweight but still wear comfortably. They have a creme brulee/vanilla-ish flavor and fragrance with a wear time of around three to four hours.

Maybelline Glowing Garnet Color Elixir

Maybelline Glowing Garnet Color Elixir swatches

I’m unsure why they choose to name this Glowing Garnet as the shade isn’t really red but the color is quite unique to shades available in the general catalog at the moment so you might wish to pick it up along with a backup! It is slightly a contrast to the “Bleached Neons” name since it isn’t very bright or neon-like and remains a very wearable shade of rosy, fresh raspberry pink!

Maybelline Glowing Garnet Color Elixir fotd

I adored the shade!

It’s worth a pick up for those who look incredible in pinks.

Maybelline Glowing Garnet Color Elixir is available at drugstores now for a limited time.


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  • 4/8/14 22:46 Fancie:

    The name is a bit weird now that I think about it lol. But the color is still pretty hot! I’ve already started stalking my local drugstores for these. I can’t wait to find them!


  • 4/9/14 10:20 Kira:

    How does it compare to Captivating Carnation?


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