Maybelline Orange Aglow Color Elixir Review & Swatches

Maybelline Orange Aglow Color Elixir

Maybelline Orange Aglow Color Elixir is one of five brand new, limited edition shades released with the Maybelline Summer 2014 Bleached Neons Collection.

I LOVE this color. It looks super bright in the packaging but it applies as a completely wearable shade!

Take a peek!

Maybelline Orange Aglow Color Elixir is a bright cream coral orange in the tube. If you’re thinking it’ll apply as bright and as neon as you see in the tube you might be disappointed. But since I can’t really wear bright neon orange I was super happy that it applied a little lighter. It has a milky cream look but on my lips its a natural nude peach.

I find Color Elixir sort of remind me of L’Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stains but have a bit more moisture and are thicker and creamier and more in consistency when compared to L’Oreal Extraordinaire Lip Color.

Maybelline  Orange Aglow Color Elixir

Maybelline Orange Aglow Color Elixir swatches

I’ve always likened the Color Elixir formula to a melted down lip balm. They have a plush, cushy texture that leave lips nicely hydrated. They aren’t completely weightless but wear comfortably. Pigmentation varies from shade to shade and I think Orange Aglow is a sheerer shade. The formula also has a nice glossy finish with a vanilla-ish/creme brulee taste and flavor and a wear of around 3 to 4 hours.

Maybelline Orange Aglow Color Elixir fotd

Maybelline Orange Aglow Color Elixir is available for a limited time at drugstores.

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This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 4/3/14 18:37 Kate:

    Muse my dear, did you see this collection at Harmon. I am dying for the color tattoos, inquiring minds and all that :-)


    • 4/4/14 9:28 Isabella Muse:

      i didn’t but my friend Jai picked them up for me there :) he got lucky with the drugstore scores this week!


  • 4/3/14 18:49 Rosie:

    Ooh, I will definitely go in search of this–it looks great on you :)


    • 4/4/14 9:28 Isabella Muse:

      thanks rosie :)


  • 4/3/14 19:21 Fallulah:

    Swatch the Color Tattoos pretty pretty please!!!


  • 4/3/14 20:46 Amanda:

    Need another one now I guess!!!


  • 4/3/14 21:27 Katrosado:

    Such a pretty color on you! I love these and have several they are inexpensive, and they feel great on the lips.


    • 4/4/14 9:20 Isabella Muse:

      thanks katros :) <3! I agree!


  • 4/3/14 23:54 Victoria:

    Oh looks so pretty on you, gotta get that one.


    • 4/4/14 9:20 Isabella Muse:

      thanks chica :)


  • 4/4/14 0:20 whitney:

    How does this orange compare to the shade mandarin rapture from the original color elixir line?


  • 4/4/14 0:26 Fancie:

    I love the Color Elixirs! I can’t wait to catch these at my local drugstores


  • 4/4/14 8:42 JenJ:

    I was avoiding the Color Elixirs. Then I picked up one of the nude one from the recent nude collection. LOVEEEEE! Now I want more! This one is pretty!


  • 4/4/14 10:55 Majick:

    I love the color but the problem I have with Drugstore buys is, WHY can’t people just leave the seal on? Every time I find a color I want to buy the darn thing has been opened and tested by GROSS GRETA if ya KWIM?


    • 4/4/14 11:06 Isabella Muse:

      lmao omg the gross greta thing is cracking me up!


  • 4/4/14 14:53 kim:

    i LOVE this color. it is just like the Urban Decay Naked coral lip gloss. Except it isnt sticky and doesnt smell like rotten creamsicles. I have never purchased a backup before, but i might need another one of these!


  • 4/4/14 19:26 SusanT:

    OMG, I agree with Fancie, I LOVE the Color Elixirs — this is a genius product from Maybelline!!! I hope they keep this product around forever and keep introducing tons of colors in this formula. I can’t wait to get this color. I already have four Elixirs. Hey, Muse, how are you? My kitteh, Daisy, says hi!


    • 4/7/14 15:50 Isabella Muse:

      aw I’m good Miss 😀 how are you? Give Daisy a big squishy hug and a kiss. Happy to hear you have a new kitten keeping you company 😀


      • 4/7/14 16:01 SusanT:

        I’m good, hon. I’ll give Daisy a hug & kiss for you. No, I don’t have a new kitten, just Daisy. She just had her first birthday last week; she got some new toys & some bonito flakes, which she goes crazy for, LOL!


        • 4/7/14 16:18 Isabella Muse:

          HA you give her bonito flakes?! too funny 😀 awwww! send pics?! please? 😀


          • 4/7/14 16:32 SusanT:

            Yeah, bonito flakes, a/k/a kitty crack! I’ll send you a picture via e-mail, okay?

          • 4/7/14 16:35 Isabella Muse:

            yes please :-D! I’d love that! haha I’m going to try it on my cats see what they think! ;-D

  • 4/4/14 20:14 jaz:

    I. Can’t. Wait. I want


  • 4/5/14 6:54 Kate:

    ran to harmon where they had new displays, got 2 of the color tattoos, nail polish, color whisper and a gel liner in green
    pic on instagram later.

    New gel liners, green, blue and purple? displayed with mascaras


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