New Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palettes for Summer 2014

Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette

Kat Von D Monarch Palette

The Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette and the Monarch Eyeshadow Palette are two new Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palettes for Spring 2014 that are available at Sephora which is great considering you can get them at 15% off this week during Sephora’s Hottest Ticket (use promo code TICKET for BI members, VIBTICKET for VIB members, and ROUGETICKET and Rouge members).

Let’s take a look at this yummie new palettes!

This new Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palettes are higher in cost at around $10 more than any of the original True Romance Palettes but they appear bigger as well!

Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette $46

  • Entomology (matte cream)
  • Telepathy (pearl gold)
  • Tiny Death (glitter cream)
  • Wrath (deep pearl orange)
  • Papilio (pearl chocolate)
  • Summerfly (glitter gold)
  • Killing Jar (pearl copper)
  • Delaney (pearl silver)
  • Vanish (matte taupe)
  • Disintegration (pearl brown)
  • Shadow Box (matte chocolate)
  • Deadhead (matte black)

Kat Von D Monarch

Kat Von D Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette $46

  • Lifelike (matte cream)
  • Lunar Lights (pearl gray)
  • Lucid (sparkle rose)
  • Hybrid Moments (matte deep purple)
  • Mezzanine (sparkle violet)
  • Transition (pearl mauve)
  • Glasswing (matte caramel)
  • Melancholia (pearl silver)
  • Black Milk (matte gray)
  • Graphic Nature (pearl charcoal)
  • Entombed (pearl blue)
  • Tornay (matte navy)

Kat Von D Chrysalis

The palettes look gorgeous but I’m unsure about the creams being mixed up with the powders.

Will you be hauling either?

Review and swatches are upcoming!


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  • 4/7/14 20:35 Kary:

    I saw this and freaked out because I just spotted them on OMG they look so pretty. Please, pretty please do a review ASAP so we can buy them before the VIB sale is over… I don’t want to make another purchase and then see a bad review from the Muse.
    Love u!


    • 4/8/14 9:03 Isabella Muse:

      kary I have to wait for them to ship plus take pics/write review/etc so not sure I’ll have the review up before the sale ends! I’ll try but since I just ordered them yesterday I suspect they won’t arrive until Friday…!


    • 4/8/14 16:18 Alexa:

      Maybe you could buy it and not open it until reviews roll by (which will be very soon), if the reviews are bad then you can return.



  • 4/7/14 20:53 Nicole:

    Well, there goes my money! It’s probably too much to hope these will already be in stores this week, since I plan on going to Sephora on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    I’ll end up with both of these palettes at some point this year.


  • 4/7/14 21:09 Alison M.:

    I won’t be hauling the palettes. After taking stock of my collection I need to halt the shadow buying for now until I use some of what I have. I will be taking a serious look at the mascara that is coming out. A couple of darlings working in Sephora told me about it and said it looks amazing.


  • 4/7/14 21:36 dia:

    The colors are gorgeous, especially Chrysalis, but something about having those larger shades there is making my eye twitch. It might be more “value”, but I wish these had the layout of her other palettes.


  • 4/8/14 2:45 Anamika:

    Wow! so tempting


  • 4/8/14 9:05 Liz:

    Yup. Ladybird is one of my go-to palettes, so I actually did order the Monarch. Can’t wait to get


  • 4/8/14 9:54 Christina D.:

    As soon as I saw these gorgeous palettes on-line yesterday, I immediately went to to purchase Chrysalis. But upon further reflection, I purchased Monarch, too. Sigh. I missed out on last year’s Spellbinding palette so I figured what the heck. I do love all the other Kat Von D palettes I have so I hope this one is at least as good (but hopefully even better).


  • 4/8/14 10:07 Christina D.:

    P.S. I found a site yesterday that had swatches of both palettes and it would appear that all the shades are powder — no creme shadows. Yay!


  • 4/8/14 11:33 Majick:

    I love Kat Von D shadows but stopped buying the palettes because of the cream shades. I found they didn’t perform and half the time, by the time I finally did purchase, the cream had dried up. Not too stressful since all the other colors made up for it.

    Considering Christina D.’s last post I’m very happy that all the colors are powders. I’m still not buying because I really have a million palettes I don’t use now and I decided I really need to start streamlining.

    I still love reading and seeing swatches. I love to be in the know, ya know? LOL


  • 4/8/14 14:38 Christina D.:

    Now I’m feeling the pressure like the Muse! I do not want to potentially post a comment that isn’t yet confirmed and misinform anyone.

    I’m not 100% certain that all the shadows are powder, but I did see some great swatches on-line and the review didn’t mention anything about cream eye shadows. Personally, I will be so disappointed if those base colors are creams.

    But I should have my palettes very soon and I will be sure to update so we can be 100% certain!


    • 4/8/14 15:21 Isabella Muse:

      lol no worries! I ordered both as well…I just reposted what sephora has posted…they are somethings wrong though!


  • 4/8/14 15:23 Christina D.:

    I thought that “cream” was the description of the color, not the formula of the product. Duh.



    • 4/8/14 15:25 Isabella Muse:

      I honestly have a clue šŸ˜€ they could just mean the description of the shade! ya never know with sephora sometimes they post the oddest stuff šŸ˜€ I just kept what they had on their details and awaiting my shipment to pop in the mail so I can see for myself! Hopeful no cream! hate mixing it with powder!


      • 4/9/14 22:42 Roo:

        Good news! I just got both of these pallets in the mail today and they’re all powder shadows! :)


        • 4/18/14 13:25 Isabella Muse:

          thank lawd!


  • 4/9/14 19:42 Rachel:

    I got these today from Sephora and there are no cream shadows like you’re thinking — I know people spazz about the cream shadows from her older palettes — the ones that dried out and became useless two weeks later. I think the cream in the description is just a term they’re using instead of powder. But trust me, these shadows are amazing!


  • 4/10/14 11:27 Christina D.:

    Woo-hoo! I just received both palettes and I am happy to report that — YAY! — all the shadows are powders! No creams here. And the palettes look even better in person.


    • 4/28/14 16:16 Isabella Muse:

      hey sis delayed reply eep been swamped. Yay! thank GAWD! got mine too and was utterly relieved!


  • 4/10/14 15:27 sara:

    Seriously, my UPS man can not get here quick enough! I ordered the monarch palette..Perhaps, one day the other one will be mine…Both look stunning:)


    • 4/17/14 10:49 Isabella Muse:

      yay! let me know what you think sara!


  • 4/14/14 15:51 Diana Maria:

    I’m just over here, like “It rubs the lotion on its skin???” Silence of the Lambs came to mind, don’t mind me.

    But if the creams were in its own packaging, I’d totally buy them. Otherwise, skippity.


  • 4/15/14 20:24 Ginger:

    I actually own the Monarch pallet, and they are all powder shadows.
    The matte shades are just referred to as cream.


  • 4/30/14 20:31 gizzabelle:

    where are the swatches?


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