NYC Color Cosmetics City Bloom for Spring 2014

NYC Color Cosmetics City Bloom Spring 2014

Spring pastels are a go with the new, limited edition NYC Color Cosmetics City Bloom Collection for Spring 2014 that’s available now at drugstores.

Pairing together a selection of limited edition polishes, eyeshadow palettes, and lip balms this collection is all about pretty Spring pastel shades!

NYC Color Cosmetics Individual Eyes Palettes (LE Shades):

  • Love is in the Air
  • All Eyes On Us
  • Blue Skies

NYC Color Cosmetics In A New York Color Minute Nail Polish (LE Shades):

  • Robin’s Egg Blue
  • Sunset Park Pink
  • Mimosa Bouquet
  • Sweet Candy
  • Coral Crush

NYC Color Cosmetics Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm (LE Shades):

  • Delicious Macaroon
  • Raspberry Sorbet
  • Cherry on the Cake

NYC Color Cosmetics Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder (LE Shade):

  • Spring Petals

I’m not much of a pastel kinda girl but some of these items were quite cute so I did pick up a thing or two! I liked the Colr Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in particular as it has a pretty golden peach shade in the mix of colors!

I think I’m all set on Applelicious Gloss Lip Balm though as I grabbed up A LOT of those when they released for Spring 2013.

Anything you love from the collection?

Displays are popping up now at drugstores!

  • 4/29/14 20:18 Erika:

    Holy mother of photoshop. The girl on the display is terrifying.


    • 4/30/14 3:26 Sara:

      I came down here to post that same thing. It looks like made the picture using one of those ‘online makeover’ websites.


    • 4/30/14 7:07 CoCoJo:

      Hahaha I thought the same thing! I might pick up the color wheel and some lip balm. I love it when their cheapie are good!


    • 4/30/14 16:20 Ivanna:

      It’s SO distracting!


    • 5/4/14 3:15 ruthlessrocks:

      Ha ha I came here to say the same, terrifying!


  • 4/30/14 1:02 Doris:

    One does not simply photoshop their way into Mordor.

    Except when they do.


  • 4/30/14 7:48 Susan K:

    Picked up the color wheel, as I tend to like them. Would have got an e/s palette too but the last few I tried were not good so I’m soured on those.


    • 4/30/14 8:30 Isabella Muse:

      aw…sorry to hear it! wasn’t sure about all the shadow palettes so just grabbed one, fingers cross it’s ok!


      • 5/1/14 9:20 Susan K:

        Hope you do you do a review of it! I would love it if these improved because I’m always very drawn to the shades in their e/s palettes.


        • 5/1/14 9:49 Isabella Muse:

          will do :)


  • 4/30/14 11:28 Abryda:

    I bought the color wheel sometime ago & just love it!!!


    • 4/30/14 11:34 Isabella Muse:

      can’t wait to try it :)


  • 4/30/14 12:39 JoElla:

    I picked up the color wheel and a few of the polishes.

    Love the color wheel to bits, and if you liked last years special top coat from NYC, make sure to pick up this one as well.


    • 4/30/14 15:50 Isabella Muse:

      very eager to try the color wheel 😀


  • 4/30/14 13:55 Ashley:

    Just bought some NYC polish on my lunch break – High Line Green. It’s for a swap that I’m doing! Looks like they have some amazing spring colors out!


  • 4/30/14 20:16 Becca:

    Isabella, if blogs like yours didn’t exist I would NEVER EVER EVER think of picking up super cheapie drugstore brands like NYC because their displays are TERRIFYING- the graphic design is repulsive. Even their copy “spring into savings!” is just ridiculously corny. I don’t know why they don’t improve on that stuff, there are so many good designers out there who could help them out.

    Anyway, I haven’t yet ventured into NYC (kinda into those nail polish colors thought…hmm) but I’ve really been thrilled with Wet N Wild matte lipsticks lately, they are truly amazing. I would have never known they’d be great if not for the internet… thanks for doing all you do.. Also really loving Etude House Baby Choux Base in Peach which I picked up as per your recommendation. It feels and smells great and makes my skin look so bright.


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