Revlon Electro Shock Super Lustrous Lipgloss Review & Swatches

Revlon Electro Shock Super Lustrous Lipgloss

Revlon Electro Shock Super Lustrous Lipgloss is one of three limited edition glosses that launched with the Amazing Spiderman 2 inspired collection entitled Electric Chrome which is available at drugstores now for Spring 2014.

Let’s take a look at Electro Shock as it is one of the more unique shades available!

Revlon Electro Shock Super Lustrous Lipgloss is a stunning sheer medium toned blue (or winter blue) with silver and blue micro-shimmer. This is probably one of the more unique shades of glosses in this collection as the others played it safe in comparison. Some consider blue a great shade for giving teeth a brighter, white look or to use as an overcoat to give red lipstick a little boost.

In this case, you might wish to use it as an overcoat for other lip products as it is very, very sheer and give lips a hint of shimmer and a touch of shine but not a ton of actual color. It adds a really nice flash of visible blue when used on top of red lipstick.

Revlon Electro Shock

Revlon Electro Shock Super Lustrous Lipgloss swatches

The Lustrous Lipgloss formula is lightweight without being tacky or sticky. It wears comfortably on my dry lips and doesn’t migrate and it wears for about three hours. I don’t really detect a flavor or fragrance with this gloss.

The fun part of this collection is the colors aren’t only limited but they also come in limited edition packaging. Each gloss features a black lacquered top with a golden spun web decorating it. Quite fab if you’re a Spidey fan!

Revlon Electro Shock Super Lustrous Lipgloss is available for a limited time so do snatch it up before it disappears.

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  • 4/7/14 18:38 amy:

    I grabbed this one the other day, and I absolutely *love* it! It adds a touch of iridescence over a nude lip, and I can’t wait to try it over black!


  • 4/7/14 21:07 katrosado:

    I need to find this one! I love blue lipgloss it always brightens the teeth and face :)


  • 4/7/14 21:39 dia:

    Nostalgia! This reminds me of the lipglosses I had as a kid, except those were artificial blue raspberry flavored. Was the shimmer gritty at all?


    • 4/8/14 9:02 Isabella Muse:

      no issues with grittiness Dia :)


  • 4/7/14 22:17 Melissa Z:

    I really want it. I love blue and don’t have anything like it. Now that you swatched it I so want it even more lol. I have not seen it anywhere yet. :0(


  • 4/7/14 23:05 Wendy:

    I just bought this tonight! I wish I would have waited to read this and I would have been able to happily pass on it :/ I expected it to be sheer, but I thought it would have a tinge more blue tint to it. Oh well! At least the packaging is cute :)


  • 4/8/14 11:59 Gillie:

    I was waiting for you to swatch this one. I think I’ll pass…it’s pretty, but I’m so pale it might make me look like a shimmery corpse.

    This reminded me of when blue nail polish started being popular in the 80’s. My mother’s friend ended up in the ER with a twisted ankle, and the nurse thought there was something seriously wrong with her because she had on sheer blue nail polish. She thought the woman had lost circulation to her feet!


    • 4/8/14 12:01 Isabella Muse:

      lol jeez Gillie that’s a weird story 😀


  • 4/9/14 8:30 Angel:

    Hoping this will come to Singapore <3 It's so pretty!


  • 4/10/14 18:40 kimmyyy:

    Awww, no lip swatchy??? ;(
    This is really pretty, though I’m with Gillie, I’m also probably too pale to really pull this off. I have to say though, I’m kind of a sucker for anything iridescent…


    • 4/14/14 9:42 Isabella Muse:

      nothing to really see as it’s fairly transparent kimmmy so it would be like looking at my bare lips :) sorry!


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