Revlon Spiderman Collection Launches at Ulta

Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man

The limited edition Revlon Spiderman Collection has launched at kids! If you’ve had a hard time locating this new collection you can now grab it online.

Spiderman Chrome Nail Enamel Collection

  • Electified Web
  • Spidey Sense
  • Super-Powered
  • I’m Electro
  • Gwen’s Crush
  • 1000 Volts

Spiderman Super Lustrous Lipgloss Collection

  • Sparks Fly
  • Killer-Watt
  • Electro Shock

Have you been able to locate the collection yet?

Any fav shades?

Do share!

  • 4/8/14 11:23 Butterdaisy:

    I found it at Walgreens. I got electrified Web, I’m electro, sparks fly and electro shock. Love the ones I got. They were bogo half off too. Wearing a mani with the two polishes I got right now. The duochrome is visible and pretty on the nail, which is what I appreciate about them the most. The lip glosses are moisturizing and shiny just the way I like them. The moisture feeling for me lasts even when the color is worn away, which is something my dry lips must have. I say great collection with gorgeous colors and great quality(which is most important) lol! Anyway, I’m a polish collector with helmers full and I can say I’m glad I got the polishes I picked up add they do not disappoint.


  • 4/8/14 11:27 Butterdaisy:

    *as they do not


  • 4/8/14 15:13 Ruth:

    I was able to find all of the polishes but the purple one and the colors are stunning *wipes away drool* can’t wait to use them =)


    • 4/8/14 15:19 Isabella Muse:



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