Did I Every Tell You About My Love For Rush?

Sometimes I do the drum solo while dancing around the house with a little air guitar thrown in!

  • 4/10/14 3:15 Elizabeth:

    I love you more than ever just because of this post!


    • 4/18/14 13:24 Isabella Muse:

      LOL :) thanks!


  • 4/10/14 13:16 Kris:

    LOL! I am always surprised by women who love Rush. My husband is a huge fan, and I am emphatically not. He made me watch a documentary on Rush where they talked about how their fan base was almost exclusively male and how their popularity struggled because they were almost universally hated by women. Their concert sales dwindled because no women would go to their concerts with their boyfriends.

    Despite not being a fan (Geddy Lee’s voice is too shrill for me), I still get a kick out of guys going all fanboy over them in shows and movies like Freaks & Geeks, Fanboys, and I Love You, Man.


    • 4/18/14 13:13 Isabella Muse:

      I probably seen the same docu-drama…I think the fandom around Lush is fascinating due to the males who absolutely adore them! I think it’s the drums lol! ;-D I JUST saw I love you Man for the first time thanks to Meg and LOVED it haha 😀


  • 4/10/14 22:18 Meg:

    Tell me you’ve seen the movie “I Love You, Man!” Now whenever I hear Rush, I think of Paul Rudd LOL


    • 4/14/14 9:41 Isabella Muse:

      I’ve never seen that?! gotta add it to my list to watch…how is it Rush related?!


      • 4/14/14 12:37 Meg:

        Oh you HAVE to see it then!! In the movie, Rush is Paul Rudd’s and Jason Segel’s favorite band. There’s a ton of silly references and they go to see them in concert, it’s a hilarious movie.


        • 4/14/14 13:38 Isabella Muse:

          omg how have I never seen it as I LOVE jason segel ;-D haha! I’ll def watch! sounds brilliant 😀 thanks!


          • 4/14/14 14:44 Meg:

            No problem!! 😀

          • 4/15/14 9:54 Isabella Muse:

            totally added that to my watch list meg will let ya know what I think 😀 was going to watch yesterday but got caught up watching GOT ;-D

  • 4/11/14 17:23 Shani:

    I have loved this band with every fiber of my being since I was in 5th grade. Now I go to Rush concerts with my kids, and they love Rush with every fiber of their beings. My kids can actually play the drum & guitar solos, and I “air” right along.


    • 4/16/14 15:42 Isabella Muse:

      lol 😀 shani! sounds like we have a lot in comment. I’m actually a fan since I’m 12 though! But hey your kids, me, and you can totally hang at a concert 😀


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