Softlips Cube Lip Protectant Review

Softlips Cube Lip Protectant Lip Balm

Softlips Cube Lip Protectant is a new EOS-style lip balm sphere that just released in three delicious flavors (Pomegranate Blueberry, Vanilla Bean, and Fresh Mint).

Good news sun goddess and gods this one contains an SPF 15!

The Softlips Cube Lip Protectant is a 5 in 1 formula that comes in a cube design that kinda resembles and ice cube. These are formulated with a lip perfecting technology that softens, smooths, hydrates, and protects lips with a touch of shine.

Let’s take a peek!

Softlips Cube Lip Protectant

The Softlips Cube Lip Protectant is quite cute and comes in a smaller packaging than the standard EOS Lip Balm so it travels lighter and takes up considerably less space in your makeup bag.

These are formulated with shea butter as well as Vitamins A and C.

The SoftLips Cube is just now hitting drugstores so expect to see them pop up at your local Walgreens and the like shortly for around $3-$3.49 each.

These have a smooth, easy glide across lips that’s a bit lighter in touch than EOS’s formula. It doesn’t leave a waxy film on lips but merely feels like a thin layer of moisture. I wouldn’t call the formula highly moisturizing especially if you have drier lips but it actually does smooth lips with each application so the more you apply and the longer you wear you’ll notice the softer your lips will begin to feel so it acts as a treatment of sorts. Considering I’m chronically applying and reapplying lip balm I find that my lips feel super soft after an eight hour period of me slipping this across my lips a few times. And if you continue to use it daily you’ll find your dry, flaky lips will be quite a good deal smoother and softer. But as I mentioned they aren’t hydrating on but they are acting to treat your drier lips.

Softlips Cube Lip Protectant SPF 15

Softlips Cube

I only tried the Fresh Mint flavor and it’s quite a true gum chewing mint with a pleasant sweet minty fragrance and flavor that give my lips a cool tingle when I applied it!

If you feel like EOS isn’t really a balm that’s doing much for your lips but you’re still loving the sphere application I think you’ll do well with the new Softlips Cube! This isn’t going to feel terribly moisturizing during initial application or wear but it will soften and smooth drier lips with daily use.

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The Softlips Cube Lip Protectant is available now at drugstores or buy them at or


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