Summer 2014 Shower Gels To Get Excited About

summer 2014 shower gels

Like I need another shower gel but there are so many Summer 2014 Shower Gels to get excited about I can’t help myself! I’m going to try really hard to resist as I do have enough shower gel piled away to bath a few small countries but help a sister out if I stumble and do indulge k?

I’d appreciate your support!

Philosophy Pink Melon Sorbet $17

Take a shower (or a bubble bath or even wash your hair with this formula) with this sugary sweet watermelon shower gel!

Ulta Summer Adventure Shower Beauty Smoothie ($12)
Take a Summer adventure with some of Ulta’s newest 3 in 1 shower gels that act a shampoo, bubble bath, and body wash!

Choose from:

  • Berry Bubbly (raspberry and apple)
  • Mango Tango (mango and pear)
  • Jungle Punch (pineapple and coconut)

Philosophy Hooray for Sorbet
A juicy, mouth watering selection of Philosophy’s newest sorbet inspired Summer shower gels!


  • Pink Melon
  • Green Apple
  • Mango

Victoria’s Secret Island Getaway Endless Sunset Buffing Body Wash $14
Get the benefits of an exfoliating shower gel with this new lathering hybrid formula that cleanses skin as it exfoliates with skin polishing Vitamin C beads and a Hawaiian orchid and currant scent!

I did a little Spring cleaning last week and ended up hauling out all my Summer Shower Gels and just kinda pushing the Winter, Fall, and Spring ones to the back of my beauty closet. I really want to make a dent in these so maybe I can actually purchase some new ones this year!

But let’s face it, it might be as much as 10 Summer’s before I actually use all these up.

Sigh the life of a shower gel hoarder.

What’s your Summer Shower Gel stash looking like?


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  • 4/29/14 11:17 CC:

    OK, maybe we need to see a pic of those shower gels, Muse! I also have quite a few stashed, but…..some of these seem a little tempting!


    • 4/29/14 11:19 Isabella Muse:

      yeah maybe someday :)


  • 4/29/14 11:23 Mary:

    Hate to be a temptress here, but I got the sorbet set and it’s amazing! I am so weak when it comes to fruity scents, lol! Also got the Cake Me to Paradise set and think I may like that even better. The mint mojito cupcake is to die for!


    • 4/29/14 11:27 Isabella Muse:

      you suck get off my blog 😀 haha! bad bad tempting girl! :)


  • 4/29/14 13:51 JoElla:

    I think I will play with the Ulta ones. I am going to wait for a BOGO sale!

    I’m kinda over philosophy. Of course I am currently slogging through my last batch of uber pure grace duos.. they mock me. And I am pretty sure little philosophy fairies come to my house and replenish what I used up. These I fret will never die and be used up.


    • 4/29/14 14:10 Isabella Muse:



  • 4/30/14 17:08 Dannie:

    OMG!!!! I think I need to run to Ulta now!!! I need to smell the Philosophy Pink Melon Sorbet and the Ulta Berry Bubbly. I love most Philosophy scents but have a special obsession with any kind of champagne bubbly scents.


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