Tarte the Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer Swatches

Tarte the Sculptor

The new Tarte The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer apparently makes is the idiot’s guide to contouring for girl’s like me. I admit I am clueless when it comes to contouring my face so it seems like a good idea that a single chubby stick might be able to do that for me.

This new creamy contouring acts to slim your face down while creating a perfectly sculpted look!

Take a peek!

Tarte the Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer is a chubby pencil that looks exactly like Tarte’s Lipsurgence packaging. No need for a sharpener as this has a swivel up design.

I think shade reminds me more of a bronzing color than a contouring one but it really depends on your skin tone and the color(s) you typically use for contouring. This is a milk chocolate shade with a hint of an orange-y undertone. Tarte markets it for slimming your neck, jawline, and nose as well as creating higher cheek bones. It’s very creamy with an easy to blend formula which sets to a a near powder finish.

Tarte the Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer

Tarte the Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer Swatches

Tarte the Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer Swatches

I’m no expert at contouring but I did apply around my face and it deserves to be mentioned that the color sheers out considerably so you do have to built a bit to get the best color pay off here. Not that you want a pigmented contouring shade but you also don’t want it to sheer away completely defeating the purpose of your contoured finish.

I’m not personally reviewing it because as I said I’m not one for contouring my face. But I did want to swatch it and briefly discuss it in case anyone was interested.

It seems like an easy, convenient way to contour your face!

I know quite a few reader’s have purchased, tried, and used this so feel free to share your thoughts about it below!

It’s available now at qvc.com as well as sephora.com.


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  • 4/30/14 19:26 daena:

    Wow, is that an orangey color. I can’t see this working for many skin tones, but at the same time I don’t see how they would release something if they hadn’t tried it on different skin tones beforehand. Thanks for saving me some money!!!:)


  • 5/1/14 14:08 Patsy:

    I just bought this from Sephora this morning :). I’m an idiot when it comes to sculpting and bronzing, so I’m hoping this is as easy as it sounds. I’ll let you know!


    • 5/1/14 14:11 Isabella Muse:

      looking forward to your thoughts patsy!


  • 5/9/14 13:40 Majick:

    I think the design is great for someone who likes cream blushes and bronzers. It also makes getting into tighter places easier (i.e. the sides of your nose if you choose).

    Frankly, I have sculpting powders from IT, Smashbox, and probably some others (lol, stuff gets lost in my stash) and I’m always in such a hurry that I just use my bronzer of the day for sculpting.

    I put it under my cheekbones, under my jaw and down the neck lightly, and a little around the hairline but, that said, I would never get that fat bronzer brush down the sides of my nose. LOL


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