the Balm Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder Available Now

the Balm Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder

Lord knows I don’t need brow powder for my unruly brows but the Balm Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder ($15) might be your next best friend if you do need to fill and accentuate brows!

Available in three shades the new Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder fills brows with neutral shades to give your brows that perfectly polished look.

Each powder comes housed in a cute cardboard compact a mirror and the Balm’s own brow super hero, perhaps the first of her kind (I know I haven’t yet had the pleasure of running into a brow super hero! Does she do shape brows too? Or only shading? Does she give us advice about how to do our brows? This questions keep me up at night! Perhaps I can score an interview with her!).


  • Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown

the Balm Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder Blonde

the Balm Blonde Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder

the Balm Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder Light Brown

the Balm Light Brown Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder

the Balm Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder Dark Brown

the Balm Dark Brown Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder

These are available now at

What do you think?

Perhaps a new handy brow powder to check out?


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  • 4/30/14 10:54 Hima:

    I think it’s nice. None of those shades would work for me since I have black hair. I usually use grey and a soft black to fill them in. Do love the packaging though. 😀


    • 4/30/14 11:16 Krutika:

      Hi there! Hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I have black hair too and used to use a shade by bare minerals that was kind of a grey. But you would be surprised how well a dark brown powder looks! It makes it seem a bit more natural- but it is all about what works for you :)


      • 4/30/14 18:10 Hima:

        I don’t mind the comment. 😀 I’ve tried dark browns before and they just look unnatural on me. I actually do have pretty filled in brows (hairy brows? That sounds weird xD) so I just use the grey for the minor sparse areas. :) I use NYX’s cake powder in grey/black.


        • 4/30/14 21:36 Liane:

          I also have black brows. The key to finding the right dark brown is to look for something more ash/cool toned. You can also mix it with a grey if it’s still coming off too warm!


  • 4/30/14 11:11 Dee:

    I’ll definitely give this a try. The price is good and it’s so hard to find that perfect brow product and shade.


  • 5/2/14 15:23 Tousled Elegance:

    I know, I know… most people feel black brows are too harsh, but with my blue-black or violet-black hair (and very fair, cool leaning skin), even dark brown brows look a little too cartoonish for my liking.
    MAC Velvetone was my HG brow pencil until it was discontinued. Now I use their Ebony liner on my brows (also a soft black). It’s a good colour match, but I really miss having a finer, more precise tip without sharpening. NYX has a gray shade I switch to when monies are tight, but it is quite a bit larger/thicker than I’d prefer.


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