Tis the Season for SPF

Kanebo Allie Extra UV Gel Mineral Moist SPF 50 PA+++ 004

You should be wearing it 365 but you’ll be outside a lot more now than the weather is warmer! Tis the season for SPF kids! My fav? Kanebo Allie Extra UV Gel Mineral Moist SPF 50 PA+++!

Super fast absorbing, gel based formula, and a high level of SPF!

Total SPF must have.

What’s your fav SPF?

  • 4/16/14 22:59 Elizabeth S.:

    Hi Muse! I followed your link to see your original review and saw that you suggested getting the product on adambeauty.com. I couldn’t find it there and don’t know if it’s my lack of knowledge browsing asian beauty sites or if maybe they don’t sell it anymore. Do you know? Thanks!


  • 4/16/14 23:05 Christine:

    this sounds very appealing! i’ve been on the lookout for a better sunscreen and this sounds perf 😀 thanks for the post!

    do you by chance have any dark spot/hyper pigmentation product recommendations? the sun has graciously left me little freckle kisses :(


    • 4/16/14 23:09 Isabella Muse:

      story of my life christine! No matter how much I stay away from the sun, no matter how much SPF I use, I still have a dark spot on my lower jaw line. I’d recommend Dr Denese Brighten Up PM as well as Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector. Both brighten as well as ease dark spots/hyper pigmentation. You do have to be quite patience with them though and use them daily and religiously to get the best results :) this is a review for the Philosophy: http://www.musingsofamuse.com/2012/03/philosophy-miracle-worker-dark-spot-corrector-review.html if you have the $$ to spend I’d highly recommend using the Miracle Worker pads as well.


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