Try Before You Buy Sizes Becoming More Common at Drugstores

Try Before You Buy Sizes

You ever have that moment at the drugstores or anywhere really where you’d just like to try a certain skincare product before you buy it. I’m not talking about a smallish sample! I’m talking about a decent amount of product that might last you a week or even two so you can decide if you really want to indulge in the larger size?

Well apparently Try before you buy sizes are becoming more common at the drugstore! Recently, Covergirl started offering their Tru Magic Perfector Mattifier in a mini size. I honestly thought this was the most amazing thing since that sliced bread. It’s just so great to be able to score a deluxe size of a product and give a test drive before indulging in a massive one that might not work out for me.

More and more L’Oreal is also offering MANY of their popular skincare products in Try Before You Buy Sizes as well! I ran across their newest products recently at CVS offered in sample sizes.

Take a look!

Try Before You Buy Size

Revitalift Moisturizer as well as Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil are both offered in generous deluxe sizes (0.5 oz) marked at $7 each and the newest L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother and the original Miracle Blur formula for $7.79 each weighing in at .17 oz each.

I gotta admit I had a moment where I was like, “Gee I wish these were cheaper…” I think maybe $5 bucks would be a nice figure for some of the samples but $7-$8 bucks each I find myself saying well, might as well buy the larger size on sale and with coupons if I can find them.

But on the upside these new Try Before You Buy sizes are genius! I wish they did this with lipsticks, gloss, even blush…! At affordable prices of course! It would save me SO much money! As I happen to be a try it and toss it type of girl if something doesn’t work for me. I’m not terribly good about returner stuff and it ends up in my Makeup Graveyard if I hate it. So smaller sizes in makeup would be welcome! And skincare, well, that’s ideal to say the least especially for those with sensitive skin that aren’t sure if a product will work for them!

Do like this idea!

Just wish it ran a bit cheaper.

Do you like the idea of try before you buy sizes or does it suck some of the joy out of trying a new product for you?

Prefer indulging in the larger size?

Do share!

  • 4/30/14 16:10 Lisa:

    I like the try before you buy but I would be happier to spend $7-8 on like a package that had maybe a moisturizer and a serum to try at the same time. And I would be all over mini mascaras or lipsticks if they were offered.


  • 4/30/14 16:21 Somayea:

    I’m definitely glad! I know in Walgreens they had testers for the Covergirl Magic Perfector products, and for some of the foundations. I’m glad that they are doing things like these, again I wish it would be cheaper, because anything about 5 is too high.
    Even $3 would be good(or maybe cause I’m cheap).
    The size looks really great. I got the sample of Benefit Big Easy and it was so not worth it. It was about the size of a fragrance sampler! It was $8 too, and I was really angry about the size. I’m glad drugstores are doing such things. I wish this was permanent in all aspects of beauty, drugstore AND high end!


  • 4/30/14 16:23 Miranda:

    I dont know… I like the idea but I still think there needs to be a good sample system (like sephora) for drugstore makeup!


    • 2/18/15 18:18 Alison:

      The issue with a sample program at drug stores like for sephora and ulta us the manufacturers would have to make some massive changes on their end. Places like ulta and sephora carry brands that make and sell (usually) larger container of product specifically to be used as a tester. These products are ordered at a fraction of the items retail price. This makes it economically feasible for these stores to have product available to sample and make up take home samples. Most of the drug store type products do not have a sample option available and it would cost stores a very large amount of money to expense products to use as samples. Basically the retailer would be forced to eat the cost which would affect the stores bottom line and ultimately would mean higher price tags for consumers to compensate for the rising costs. Unless or until manufacures start making sample products as a discounted price I don’t see drug store samples appearing any time soon.


  • 4/30/14 17:00 Robbie:

    I’ve seen the L’oreal pore vanisher in the try before you buy size in select Targets!


    • 4/30/14 17:02 Isabella Muse:

      saw that too at walgreens!!!!!!


  • 4/30/14 17:04 Maria:

    I love this idea… but def. agree with you about the pricing ….specially because these sample sizes are for a one maybe two time use and for the price I could as you say find a coupon and just cough up the rest of the money for a full size….


  • 4/30/14 21:20 Nat:

    I like the deluxe sample boxes that come with a coupon for a free full size one (like the fragrance ones Sephora carries – Shoppers Drug Mart had one for mascaras last year). :)


    • 5/1/14 12:59 Isabella Muse:

      those are ALWAYS cool!


  • 4/30/14 21:42 Fancie:

    This is wonderful news! I do wish they were a little cheaper too but it’s a step in the right direction. I hope they start doing this for makeup too!


  • 5/1/14 9:03 kellly:

    I am totally with you on these. I love the concept but I think they do need to chop the prices. The trial sizes are also excellent for travel since I keep a packed travel kit that I only have to toss into my suitcase. They are small enough that TSA won’t have issues with them, either. If only the prices matched the sizes, it would be perfect.


    • 5/1/14 9:56 Isabella Muse:

      I couldn’t agree more!


  • 5/1/14 10:07 Dee:

    I haven’t seen this yet but it’s a great idea. $5 would be perfect, but this is a good idea for travel too.


  • 5/1/14 16:52 Adrienne:

    I think its a wonderful idea as well but I also feel that it could be a bit cheaper. I purchased the sample size of Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil and Eye Cream for $10 at Sephora and I didn’t feel that I was cheated kinda like $5 each, so I am pretty sure that drug store bands could accommodate us. I agree $5.00 would be perfect OR not exclude trial/travel sizes with the coupon redemption.


  • 5/1/14 17:42 Iris:

    I love this idea. It’s a great way to test if a product works for me. It seems to take me forever to use up a full sized product if it doesn’t work for me.


  • 5/1/14 22:37 cat:

    Ooo, loving this idea. And I’ve been curious about Miracle Blur after your review. In which store did you find these? I’m in NY as well. Please don’t send me uptown. 😉


  • 5/2/14 20:31 Eve:

    I wish they’d do the mini lipsticks like, I think it was Avon, did for lipstick samples! I miss those. My cousin used to give me handfuls of those things. It would be great for foundation as well. Store lighting can be so misleading, and the itty bitty samples from Sephora and Ulta don’t last nearly long enough to really know if it’ll work with your skin.


    • 6/27/14 14:18 Nat:

      OMG I totally forgot about those! I had a bunch too; made me feel so grown up (I was around 10/11 at the time)



  • 5/9/14 13:49 Majick:

    Great idea but you definitely touched on my one gripe – PRICE. I would love to see smaller (almost) everything with a MUCH smaller price tag. I’m sick of having to buy 5x’s the amount of product I need just to get a decent (reasonable) price on it. By the time I get to the end of the product, it’s old and nasty. Not a bargain so I stopped stockpiling.

    In general, companies need to re-assess their buyer market. If you only cater to the 1% then you can expect your sales to amount to about…
    … 1%. Just my thoughts, guess I’m still a bit “crotchy” from everything being broken and no one responsible for fixing it.



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