Avon Lip Lacquer Stain

Avon Lip Lacquer Stain

Look who’s getting in on the hybrid lipstick, stain, gloss formula rage! Avon Lip Lacquer Stain is a new dual formula that has the shine of a gloss and the staying power of a lip stain with a cool minty flavor and fragrance and a non sticky formula that’s available in six shades.

Haven’t personally tried them myself but they sound interesting enough but Avon can be hit or miss sometimes!

We shall see!


Available now from shop.avon.com.

  • 5/21/14 1:19 Pau:

    Kind of looks like the Shiseido stains, hope they’re as good!


  • 5/21/14 8:46 kellly:

    I’d really be interested to see how these perform. I love lip stains!


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