BeautyMate Intelligent Soft 9-in-1 CC Cream

BeautyMate Intelligent Soft CC Cream

BeautyMate Intelligent Soft 9-in-1 CC Cream was a spontaneous purchase I made recently from E-bay seller AlphabeautyUK. Beauty Mate is a Tawainese brand you may have heard of as they make a line of facial sheet masks.

This one is a white, self adapting CC Cream which I was happy about since I really love the color adapting technology of Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream. This formula really works for me which is one reason that I purchased BeautyMate’s formula!

Let’s take a look!

BeautyMate Intelligent Soft 9-in-1 CC Cream

BeautyMate Intelligent Soft 9-in-1 CC Cream supposedly acts to whiten skin while providing anti-aging benefits, sun protections (SPF 50), as well as oil control, and automatic color correction and concealing coverage.

This actually is slightly misleading as it isn’t really a color adapting foundation or concealer product. It acts more as a primer in my opinion and reminds me of products such as Shills Perfect Brightening Primer and Nature Republic Super Origin CC Cream.

This doesn’t adapt to a skin tone and remains the same white shade out of the tube which is why I’d suggest it to prime but not to act as coverage. I wouldn’t call it color correcting but it does brighten skin up and gives a slight whitening effect that isn’t pasty.

BeautyMate Intelligent Soft CC Cream Swatches

BeautyMate Intelligent Soft CC Cream Swatches

The formula is creamy but I found I was tugging a little during application to apply it so it isn’t majorly hydrating for drier skin but not drying either just a little difficult to apply. It doesn’t cling to drier areas and has a soft satin finish that does offer some oil control (I have a bit of an oily t-zone at the moment and this worked well to tame that oiliness).

Honestly, dubbing it a CC Cream can be misleading. It’s not a true color correcting product nor does it offer coverage of any kind as it advertises. It’s more of a brightening primer but not much else! There are actually better formulated products available like this but the cheaper price tag might be appealing to some.

I’d skip it though if I were you!


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