I Couldn’t Resist!

Bath & Body Works New Coastal Cool Candles

I couldn’t resist I purchased all the new Bath & Body Works Coastal Cool Candles! They all SMELL AMAZING but don’t buy them. They were kinda weak with very little throw and as we discussed in a post I originally did about them the lack of lids is ANNOYING as hell! I need to get some plastic wrap and cover the tops or something!

If you can get them during the Semi-Annual it might be worth it but even at 2 for $22 they aren’t worth the haul!

Anyone try ’em!?

Sunset Beach smells like like Pez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5/29/14 20:05 Phyrra:

    ug, thanks for the warning


    • 5/30/14 9:55 Isabella Muse:

      no prob ;-D


  • 5/29/14 23:17 Karen:

    I allowed myself 4 on the 2 for $22 deal – Ocean Driftwood, Sunset Beach and 2 Beach Day. I’d read a few reviews that said the throws were weak so I saved them to burn in my home office. The small space does allow you to get a stronger sent. I figured the containers are pretty so I’ll repurpose them, especially the 2 pretty Beach Day ones in turquoise for bathroom or storage so all is not lost. I agree the lack of lids is a pain in the patootie!


    • 5/30/14 12:35 Isabella Muse:

      karen agreed the jars are so gorgeous they are well worth keeping to store little do-dads in 😀


  • 5/30/14 11:48 Majick:

    I’m allergic to most BBW stuff anyway but the glass jars are pretty. It is too bad they do not have lids.


  • 5/31/14 12:51 AmandaM:

    I hauled the Turquoise Waters one-I couldn’t resist the pretty frosted turquoise jar! I actually am glad in a way that the scent is a bit weak with little throw…keeps the hubby from complaining too much! LOL!


    • 6/2/14 12:58 Isabella Muse:

      haha 😀 he can’t disapprove now!


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