DHC Tinker Bell Lipgloss Review & Swatches

DHC x Tinker Bell Lipgloss

If you loved all over the Disney DHC Cleansing Oils I featured you’re sure to adore this cute DHC Tinker Bell Lipgloss! Ok, so we have had the Pixi Tinker Bell Glow Collection here in the US true but more Tinker Bell? I’m on board with that!

This cute gloss comes housed in a clear tube and features a golden Tinker Bella silhouette on both the tube and the box. I used to be a huge Tink fan so I’m absolutely in lust with this. I adore Kawaii makeup products so yeah, it might be a bit immature but I love it none the less!

DHC Tinker Bell Lipgloss

The DHC Tinker Bell Lipgloss is available in a selection of different shades but I was good and only picked up a single shade which is BE13. This is a dusky terrcotta with a hint of golden shimmer. It’s a very pretty natural shade on my lips!

DHC Tinker Bell Lipgloss swatches

DHC Tinker Bell Lipgloss Swatches (Shade: BE13)

The formula is fragrance and flavor free with a very thick, long wearing formula. Not everyone is going to love this thick a gloss as it is quite sticky and tacky! I don’t mind too much because it leaves my lips very shiny and has a beautiful long wear due to the amount of tackiness in the finish so I can get about three to four hours of wear without it migrating or disappearing. The color is quite nicely pigmented too so you get color here along with shine! It is a gloss that makes itself known though as it isn’t lightweight and has a heavier formula.

DHC Tinker Bell Lipgloss fotd

Sure, I purchased it because of Tinker Bell but the DHC Tinker Bell Lipgloss is a delightful pick up if you like shiny glosses that have a nice bit of pigment!

Loves it!

It’s available now at imomoko.com.


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  • 5/29/14 11:18 Deb:

    Hi Muse! Welcome back and I hope you had a great vacay. This is a wonderful color. I’ve not tried this brand but I love thick gloss because it hangs around longer. Question for you: did the shimmer travel? That always happens to me with shimmer in lip products and I no likey a disco chin! Thanks


    • 5/29/14 12:06 Isabella Muse:

      nope no migrating :) all was stuck around without moving for me! thanks :) nice to be back! it was great thank you for asking :D!


  • 5/29/14 14:16 Christina:

    Pretty! I love the packaging, but the shade seems like a nice universal one. It’s too bad they don’t have the Disney collection in the U.S. yet!


    • 5/29/14 14:27 Isabella Muse:

      i know sadness :( but you can get it at imomoko (they are us based :)


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