Jergens BB Body & Urban Decay BB Body Comparisons

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

I imagine you’re thinking that the newly launched Urban Decay BB Body Beauty Balm is a dupe for Jergens BB Body Perfect Skin Cream which is why I decided to do comparisons of the two. I think it’s the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that Urban Decay had launched a “Body BB Cream”. Strangely enough it was the budget brand that started the trend with the higher end following behind on it. Typically we see a big trend pop up for a product and a month to several months later you’ll start seeing similiar style products at the drugstore.

Urban Decay BB Body Beauty Balm

Not the case here.

Jergens was the first company to market a BB Cream for your body and Urban Decay followed close behind. I imagine as we head into Summer we are going to see MORE and more and more brands embracing this trend.

So here’s a comparison of Jergen’s version and Urban Decay’s.

Jergens BB Body & Urban Decay BB Body Comparisons swatches

Jergens BB Body & Urban Decay BB Body Swatch Comparisons (Urban Decay on the Left and Jergens on the Right)

Jergens BB Body & Urban Decay BB Body Comparisons

Urban Decay BB Body & Jergens BB Body Swatches

It deserves to be said these are not dupes. Not even close in formula in my opinion. They are two vastly different products with two very different benefits.

According to Urban Decay their new BB Beauty Balm is loaded with ingredients to create smoother, firmer skin. I’ve been using it a few days so I can’t really say this is visibly firming or toning. The texture is a runny gel consistency that leaves my skin slightly tacky and dewy to the touch. It’s loaded with mica so it gives skin a radiant, glowing finish. To me it acts more like a liquid body highlighter of sorts. I didn’t feel like it was particularly hydrating because I have drier skin and I need considerably more moisture than this provides.

Urban Decay BB Body Beauty Balm swatches

Urban Decay BB Body Beauty Balm swatches sunlight

Urban Decay BB Body Swatches

Now I think Jergens BB Body Perfect Skin Cream is actually a nicer formula. This is more of a true body cream. It hydrates nicely although again I need more moisture for my drier skin. However, I’d say the moisture factor is considerably better than Urban Decay’s version. It absorbs easily, doesn’t leave my skin sticky or dewy but merely soft. It also visible tones and firms my skin. This doesn’t have the hardcore shimmer/mica that Urban Decay’s version has but does have a subtle tint which seems to give the illusion of toning my legs when I wear it and giving them a sort of airbrushed appearance.

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream swatches

Jergens BB Body Swatches

I think the main differences between the two is Jergens is more of a body cream and Urban Decay’s formula is more of a liquid highlighter.

I admit, I do like the Jergens body cream more. It’s kinda a nice body toning lotion! If you prefer a more of a luminous look on your legs go with Urban Decay’s version but if you actually want to blur the look of smaller imperfections, uneven skin tone, and want your legs or arms to look firmer I’d to with the Jergens version.

Have you tried Jergens BB Body?

Do share your thoughts!


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  • 5/9/14 12:43 Ginger:

    I’ve been curious if they transfer off on your clothes, especially when it gets hot out.
    how did the Jergens hold up?


    • 5/9/14 14:21 Carrie:

      i’ve used the jergens one (i’m a fan!) and on the packaging it says it’ll rub onto clothes if you don’t let it dry for a bit first


  • 5/9/14 12:43 Dtalksall:

    Do either of them have gradual self tanner in them?


    • 5/9/14 12:46 Isabella Muse:

      no, they aren’t tanners. Hope this helps.


      • 5/9/14 16:44 Nancy:

        The Jergens one is, actually. It contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and erythrulose, both self-tanning agents.


      • 5/10/14 9:21 Leah:

        Jergens BB cream does actually have DHA & gives me a gradual tan. I use it to extend the tan I get with St Tropez mousse.


      • 5/12/14 18:58 Nicole:

        Actually, the Jergens does have a couple of gradual self tanners in it.


        • 5/19/14 10:20 Isabella Muse:

          it’s very minimal though and won’t actually act to tan skin…!


  • 5/9/14 14:58 Ashley:

    I bought the Jergens BB and I was really happy with it. Its a very nice product for the price and I’m very happy with it. I like it better than the Jergens self tanner, they both smell good. But I like this BB product way better, it absorbs well and feels so hydrating.


  • 5/9/14 21:16 Alli:

    Thanks for the review and comparison!


  • 5/9/14 21:47 Jacqueline:

    Actually, jergens is a gradual self tanner, but doesn’t advertise it. It has DHA, a tanning ingredient (dihydroxyacetone). Not sure about urban decays though.


  • 5/9/14 23:27 Shannon:

    I wore the Jergens one to a cookout at the beach (in Florida) the other day and it held up great, didn’t “melt” or transfer onto my clothes. I even swam in the ocean and it did not budge. I like it a lot…it also smells wonderful!


  • 5/10/14 9:47 Divadebbi:

    Hi Iz,
    Im always all for the body catching up with the face in terms of product offerings. I was excited to try the Jergens bb cream because it is more budget friendly in terms of covering a lot more turf

    I found the smell to be overpowering and very chemical. I had trouble getting through the tube. It didnt bother you? Remimded me of the noxious smell of their original moisturiizers with self tanner, before they improved them. I appreciate that they are early out of the gate at this price point, but until they work on the scent Im out.

    Have a fab vacation! We will miss you!



  • 5/10/14 21:55 Mariann:

    What body moisturizer do you use? I have started having very dry skin, probably an age thing.


  • 5/12/14 15:37 Jen:

    The Jergens ones do have small amounts of dihydroxyacetone, the main ingredient in self-tanner.
    I have yet to notice if it actually does anything though. In my opinion it’s just a body lotion with a different scent and a slight tint.
    Does nothing imho


  • 5/25/14 10:18 Jessica:

    I have tried a sample bottle of the Jergens, and I loved it! I finished it, so I am definitely going to get the full size. Thanks for doing this comparison, I was curious about the Urban Decay version. I believe I will pass on that one. I am also really wanting to try the Sally Hansen airburshed legs lotion, this seems like a similar product, but maybe with even more coverage?


    • 6/9/14 16:09 Isabella Muse:

      oh my pleasure Jessica! I haven’t tried the Sally Hansen!


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