Lush Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb Review

Lush Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb

When you’re feeling tense and a bit tired you have to sit back, close your eyes, inhale a deep breath, and let it all out slowly in one long exhale.

I get those moments at work where I feel like the sky is falling down around me. Actually I get more of those moments on Musings of a Muse haha…server problems, issues within dashboard, cropping, uploading, answering comments…PHEW! It can get a little too much sometimes. It’s worst than my actual job! When I’m a feel a little overwhelmed I just push my chair back from my desk, close my eyes, take a deep breath in, and slowly let it out as I count to ten.

I swear the on the beauty gods after that I just feel so much better. Sometimes you need a second to realign your universe by closing your others and simply taking a moment to breath!

The new, limited edition Lush Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb that launched with the Lush Mother’s Day 2014 Collection actually gives you that relaxing moment in your bath!

The Lush Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb is actually scented not with one fragrance but two! Lush took the Inhale and Exhale Gorilla Perfumes and used them to create this dual sided bath bomb.

The pink half of the bomb is scented like Inhale with a light, melon-y scent. The blue half is scented like Exhale which has a strong and heavier scent of amber and sandalwood.

Lush creates the bomb in a way so that the Inhale portion sizzles up really quick in your bath but the Exhale part has a slower fizz that lasts a while. The result? A soft, soothing highly fragranced bath you can relax in!

For me the fragrance reminds me of simply Lush. You know that Lush store fragrance? The one that hits you in the face when you walk through the doors. This is either a scent you embrace or a scent you’re overwhelmed by if you have a sensitive nose. Personally walking into a Lush store for me is like nirvana! I can simply sink into that scent and roll around in it. Lush Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb smells like everything Lush all rolled into one.

The bomb itself can be dropped into warm bath water. It’ll sizzle, fizzle, and crack while coloring your bath water. The fragrance is long lasting on skin well after you leave your bath.

How terrible that this relaxing bath bomb is only available for a limited time sad sigh!

So grab your Lush Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb and take a deep breath, let it all out, and remember to relax and enjoy life!


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  • 5/3/14 5:36 breyerchic04:

    I got this and I really want the inhale scent to be available year round. Silly lush is bad at making my favorites be limited edition and then not bringing them back the next year. Bombardino and Chocolate Santa have been my faves.


    • 5/8/14 16:53 Isabella Muse:

      aw man I haul lush le products like a demon because I hate when they don’t return!


  • 5/3/14 16:05 Allison:

    I love the idea of a bath bomb with two harmonious fragrances!


  • 5/3/14 21:41 Linda:

    I put one of these in my car and it gives off enough scent to make me happy every time I get in the car. When the scent fades, I’ll throw it the bath and hopefully the center portion will still smell great.


    • 5/8/14 16:44 Isabella Muse:

      GREAT idea!


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