Mally Cancellation Concealer Review & Swatches

Mally Cancellation Concealer 8

It seems like too long ago I purchased the Mally Cancellation Concealer System! This kit used to come with a single concealer and a transparent pressed silica powder to set the concealer as well as a dual ended brush for application.

Recently I noticed the new Mally Cancellation Concealer Palette on and realized she revamped the original set quite nicely. Now the concealer and powder is housed in a single palette where as before it came with two single compacts. I know that most folks hate the idea of powders and cream in one place but I actually felt like this made the compact more travel friendly and I honestly didn’t feel like I was getting powder into the cream concealer at all when using it so I think I’m quite cool with the new packaging! It still comes with the same great double ended brush as well!

Let’s check it out!

Mally Cancellation Concealer

If anything at all the Mally Cancellation Concealer most reminds me of Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit but the formula is in no way a dupe just the designs are very much the same.

Not only has the packaging changed on the concealer but also the powder included. She did away with the silica powder and replaced it with a light buttery yellow powder. If you have dark circles the combination of the concealer and powder will help to diffuse them.

I loved the texture of the concealer back in the day and I still love it. It’s a lighter, emollient concealer that blends easily under my drier eyes with a hydrating, creamy texture. It seems to run a touch sheerer compared to the original formula because as I recall I was terribly impressed with the awesome pigment of the original but this version seems to be a little thinner and a little less pigmented. No worries though as it does great diffusing the look of my dark circles, brightening my under eye area up, and creating a nice, flawless finish under my eyes. The formula wears strong for me without creasing or fading easily. I get about six hours of wear if I don’t set it with powder and about eight when I do.

Mally Cancellation Concealer Palette

Mally Cancellation Concealer Swatches

Mally Cancellation Concealer Swatches (Medium)

The powder is lovely as well but I wish it was a touch silkier. I thought the powder’s consistency was a bit chalky and as I applied it seemed to want to creep into my finer lines. Thankfully it doesn’t age my eyes but I thought it was a touch difficult to work with. Thankfully Mally includes a dual ended brush which has a bushier blending brush on one end to use with the powder and a flat head concealer brush on the other. The bushier blending bush is ideal for buffing the powder on under eyes.

Mally Cancellation Concealer 1

Mally Cancellation Concealer 2

I remember hailing the original system but I think there’s been a bit of a revamp here that’s not limited to the packaging. It’s still a great product but there are a few hiccups to contend with during use and some might be disappointed that the concealer runs sheerer compared to the older version!

Would I recommend trying it?


It’s a great concealing system regardless of the few problems it has :)

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  • 5/28/14 22:44 *Estrella*:

    the pots look interchangeable. can you pop different shades in and out? (lighter for winter/darker for summer)


    • 5/29/14 9:51 Isabella Muse:

      no unfortunately not :(


  • 5/29/14 2:00 Phyrra:

    Glad to see a review of this! I’m kind of in love with the pore defender and black velvet eyeliner by Mally. I’ve been curious about her concealers.


    • 5/29/14 9:47 Isabella Muse:

      she has great stuff 😀


  • 5/29/14 9:52 lisa:

    I have been long intrigued by this product but I love Benefit Erase Paste and IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye…I can’t quit them!!! I do love Mally products thought; her shadow sticks are fantastic. Thanks for your thorough review.


    • 5/29/14 10:43 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure lisa I can’t blame you it bye bye is my hg too!


  • 5/29/14 10:52 kimkats:

    U sure about that, Muse? In the 3rd picture down, there are lil semi-circular indentations which normally mean you can pop out the compact and put in a new one….. That would rock if you could do that! :)


    • 5/29/14 11:04 Isabella Muse:

      nope, tried with her shadows, they are incredible difficult to depot. They don’t pop in and out, maybe if you melt the pots!?


  • 5/29/14 11:25 Deb:

    Looks promising, but pass. I picked up her eyeshadow base at Ulta recently and what a letdown! I was looking for a pigmented shadow base to neutralize redness on my eyelids. Hers did that but it creased soooo badly. I tried it several times and in many different combos with eye creams and eye preps and so forth. Epic fail. Turned me off to any cream eye product by Mally.


    • 5/29/14 12:06 Isabella Muse:

      aw sorry to hear it! :(


  • 5/29/14 16:09 kathy:

    Would you choose this one over Bobbi Brown?


    • 5/29/14 16:21 Isabella Muse:

      that’s vastly different it really depends on the cover I’m looking to go with Kathy and even the texture is considerably different. I like both but if you’re looking to choose you def have to take into consideration they are formulated considerably different and aren’t dupes of each other!


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