Maybelline Baby Skin Pink Transformer Review & Swatches

Maybelline Baby Skin Pink Transformer 1

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser is finally available in the US so I’m hoping that we’ll see Maybelline Baby Skin Pink Transformer sometime this Summer or Fall 2014.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pink Transformer is a newer formulation of the Baby Skin formula that acts as a facial formula and also gives skin a brighter and more “pink” finish. It also supposedly treats skin with cherry extract and Vitamin C so skin is more even and smoother within four weeks of use.

Take a look!

Maybelline Baby Skin Pink Transformer

Maybelline Baby Skin Pink Transformer creates what marketing in Japan calls “baby skin”. This basically translates as smoother, brighter, more youthful skin to me. Unfortunately the Pink Transformer formula hasn’t been released in the US as of yet but it is available in Japan, China, and other Asian countries plus it is easy enough to get across a variety of online shops if you can’t wait for the US release.

I’d call Maybelline Baby Skin Pink Transformer a formula that drier or combination skin might like. Pore Eraser is a great product however, I don’t really like silicone primers. Not to say that Baby Skin Pink Transformer doesn’t have them but the texture is creamier so it lacks that silicone texture I’m not a fan of. This is a super pale pearlescent shade of pink. It kinda smells like hand cream to me but this disappears quickly after application. It hydrates skin quite nicely and gives it a very faint, brighter look so some dullness is eased and skin looks fresher. It’s not a huge visible difference but there’s a nicer looks to my skin when I use it. It most reminds me of Sana Morning Kiss which is a product I adore!

Maybelline Baby Skin Pink Transformer swatches

Maybelline Baby Skin Pink Transformer Swatches

This absorbs fast and the texture is considerably creamier when compared to the original Baby Face Pore Eraser which is a more traditional silicone primer. This will blur the appearance of smaller pores but not conceal them completely. If you have larger pores and need more mattifying I’d suggest Baby Face Pore Eraser. If you have duller skin in need of moisture I think Baby Skin Pink Transformer is the better option.

I wouldn’t call this essential as visible results aren’t huge! You’re not going to walk around with uber bright skin after using this. However, at around $8 bucks it’s a nice primer that eases dullness slightly and hydrates allowing foundation to apply easier.

I like it! I don’t love it but it’s a nice primer!

You can grab it from as well as E-bay seller AlphabeautyUK or be patient as I’m sure we’ll see it in the US soon.

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  • 5/6/14 19:06 stef b:

    reminds me of benefit’s that gal?


    • 5/7/14 16:13 Isabella Muse:

      yeah kinda!


  • 5/8/14 3:43 Micchi:

    I have used up 2 tube of this, buy from asian countries.

    Is a little bit too pink, and too shiny for oily skin.
    Should be more suitable for dry skin.


  • 5/8/14 19:14 Bailee:

    I wonder if the us version will include spf


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