NYC New York Color Spring Petals Color Wheel Review & Swatches

NYC Color Wheel  Spring Petals

NYC New York Color Spring Petals Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder is a new limited edition shade released with the Spring 2014 City Bloom Collection.

I have a confession, I love Color Wheel Mosaic style blushes! I think it stems from the fact that my very first “real” blush as a teen was a mosaic blush from Black Radiance.

One of the nicest aspects of the NYC New York Color Spring Petals Color Wheel was the fact it had a delightful NARS Orgasm dupe in the mix.

Take a look!

This one disappointed me unfortunately. It’s a little too sheer for me!

The color wheel is made up of four colors that include a soft pink, a beige tan, chocolate brown, and a very pretty golden pink that looks quite like NARS Orgasm. Unfortunately, that NARS Orgasm shade is limited to four tiles in the design where as the chocolate and beige dominate! This could have potentially been a very nice soft focused golden peach glow on my cheeks but the beige and chocolate wash away anything nice about the other shades since as you swirl those are the colors that get picked up the most. It creates a sheer peach on my cheeks as you can see below.

NYC New York Color Spring Petals Color Wheel

NYC New York Color Spring Petals Color Wheel

NYC New York Color Spring Petals Color Wheel swatches

NYC New York Color Spring Petals Color Wheel Swatches

The formula is very soft and silky with an easy to blend texture that isn’t powdery, dense, or chalky. It’s a beautiful texture at such a budget friendly price! Wear time is a little iffy for me as it seemed to fade away by hour four so I felt like I wasn’t wearing blush at all. It might wear longer or shorter depending on your skin type. The finish has a soft satiny sheen on my cheeks.

It deserves to be mentioned this isn’t exactly travel friendly as the top doesn’t completely screw on tight. If you toss it in your bag or makeup bag there is a chance the top might come off and you risk breakage!

Overall, NYC New York Color Spring Petals Color Wheel has a delightful formula I just wish it was a hint more pigmented. Too bad that beautiful golden peach doesn’t show as nicely on my complexion as it does in the pot!

NYC New York Color Spring Petals Color Wheel fotd

This is available now at drugstores.

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This product was purchased
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  • 5/1/14 19:29 Rachael:

    I own this blush and I adore it <333


  • 5/1/14 23:28 Lilly:

    This has nothing to do with the blush, but what are you wearing on your lips? It’s stunning!


  • 5/2/14 0:00 T:

    There are 4 tiles of each color if you hadn’t noticed


    • 5/2/14 7:36 Isabella Muse:

      yup I know T was trying to say that the beige/chocolate dominate and take away from the golden peach as that is 8 shades of beige/bronzer versus the mere 4 of the golden peach :) it kinda dulls out the lovely peach!


      • 5/2/14 12:13 mindy:

        Museikin, I really like it on you!


  • 5/2/14 10:46 Dee:

    My experience was the same as yours with this product. It’s so pretty but just didn’t show up on my cheeks. Nice price, though, if it works for you!


  • 5/2/14 13:56 Mary:

    I think it looks lovely on you!


  • 5/3/14 16:30 Allison:

    Bummer about the pigmentation!


    • 5/8/14 16:47 Isabella Muse:

      yeah :(


  • 5/3/14 21:25 Cassi:

    It’s beautiful, it’s very flattering on you.
    I definitely want it.


    • 5/8/14 16:44 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks cassi!


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