Back to the Beach with Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Sand Surf Palettes

I think we can all agree spending Summer 2014 with Bobbi Brown might just be a good thing. The Surf, the Sand, and Bobbi Brown’s new Summer 2014 Collection makes for some gorgeous sunny looks with two brand, new sparking limited edition palettes.

Take a look at them and tell you aren’t smitten with these beauties!

The new Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Eyeshadow Palettes come housed in a flip to open compact with a textured burlap cover and a full size mirror. Tucked inside you’ll find eight shades of eyeshadow in either a Sand (warm shimmering eyeshadows) or a Surf (aquatic, shimmmery pastels) theme!

It’s been a while since Bobbi has excited me but these two new palettes are simply divine! I’m hoping they swatch and apply as beautiful as they look in pan!

Bobbi Brown Sand Surf

Bobbi Brown Surf Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Sand Surf Palette

Bobbi Brown Sand Eyeshadow Palette

They have a mix of shimmery and matte textured shadows!

As much as I love Bobbi she can be repetitive with shades that appear over and over in her palettes but these shades seem new and exciting!

I’m hyped to try them!


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  • 6/20/14 11:33 Christina:

    Wow, you have them already? I am so excited to see swatches! The colorful palette is definitely calling out to me, though I swear every time I pick up a sheer pastel shade, I hate the way it looks on me. I can’t help purchasing them, though.

    And this nude palette doesn’t look as boring as a million other nude palettes out there. I’m expecting greatness with these two!


    • 6/20/14 11:43 Isabella Muse:

      omg I’m the same way. pastels look terrible on me but they call to me anyway 😀 I HOPE greatness I hope 😀


  • 6/20/14 12:10 Claudia:

    With much hesitation, due to the price, I ordered the Sand palette from Macy’s yesterday. I’m hoping it’s not disappointing but, if it is, I’m thankful for Macy’s great return policy. Looking forward to getting it in the mail. :)


    • 6/20/14 12:17 Isabella Muse:

      GOOD LUCK! haven’t tried mine yet but can’t wait 😀


  • 6/20/14 12:58 Cas:

    I thought it said smurf palette.. fail. This looks awesome though, super beachy. I must has!


    • 6/20/14 12:59 Cas:



  • 6/20/14 20:48 lacy:

    drooling…. oh muse – why must you tempt me?! le sigh…


    • 6/23/14 15:18 Isabella Muse:

      haha sorry!


  • 6/20/14 21:31 Chelsea:

    I don’t have much eyeshadow left, I got rid of my too-old ones, the nude colors look amazing!


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