The Bathing Garden Whipped Soap Review

The Bathing Garden Whipped Soap Patisserie

I recently indulged in The Bathing Garden Whipped Soap which is a brand new launch for the e-tailer that typically focuses on wax fragrance tarts.

This is a thick, whipped up soaps that’s simply divine!

As you know from prior posts I’ve done I’m quite a fan of the Bathing Garden’s tarts. I discovered the shop on Etsy back in 2011 but since that time this e-tailer has moved up and away from Etsy and has a website which is opened up monthly with new fragrance stocks of not only tarts but Creamy Sugar Scrubs as well as a new product, Whipped Soap.

This is a very thick and creamy soap which you can use to shave with or as an all over body soap. You can scoop it out and rub all over your body and legs or work it into a lathering foam by applying some into a shower puff. It creates mounds and mounds of lather which makes it an excellent shaving aid for legs!

The Bathing Garden Whipped Soap

The Bathing Garden only whips it up in small batches and fragrances every month so the fragrance of the soap is constantly changing, I love myself some variety so this works out great for me! Although a single tub will likely last you ages so you might not need to indulge all that often!

The Patisserie is the scent that I got in the Whipped Soap last time around. This is a mix of summer berries, syrupy mimosa, and baked pastries. It kinda has a tart purple grape note to my nose with a back note of cakes and pastries and a hint of something sweet! It’s a very pleasant, cakey scent!

If you’d like to indulge in the Whipped Soap or anything else the Bathing Garden is open for a final day of business today and will close down for a month to ship orders. Typically the turn around of an order can take up to 3 to 4 weeks so keep that in mind prior to placing your order. This month the theme of the fragrances is “the Circus” so you’ll find scrubs, whipped soaps, and tarts scented and centered around that theme!

I highly recommend the tarts and of course, this whipped soap is pretty luxurious as well!

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  • 6/6/14 23:45 Rachel:

    After your glowing reviews for The Bathing Garden, I just placed an order for a scrub, soap, and some tarts! Cotton Candy is one of my fave scents, so seeing it in all the descriptions made me keep clicking “add to cart”! 😀


    • 6/9/14 10:48 Isabella Muse:

      yay! let me know what you think when it arrives :)


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