Becca 24/7 Tints Kit for Summer 2014

Becca 24 7 Tints Kit

Maybe it’s finally time for me to indulge in Becca Beach Tints as the new Becca 24/7 Tints Kit or Summer 2014 available exclusively at Sephora and for VIBers contains two of ’em as well as two Becca Eye Tints!

You get:

  • 2 Becca Eye Tints in Romanticism (mauve bronze) and Gilt (golden bronze)
  • 2 Becca Beach Tints in Raspberry (deep berry pink) and Grapefruit (pale coral pink)

These weight in at 0.24 oz which is the full size and the entire kit is $44 so it’s like you’re getting them at half price!


Grab it now

This one is coming home with me!

  • 6/5/14 8:28 Jessica:

    Do you know if this will every be available to BI’s and not just VIB’s?


    • 6/5/14 9:01 Isabella Muse:

      right now vibs only but I’m sure it’ll go on sale for everyone in a week or two!


  • 6/5/14 10:17 Andrea K:

    This seem like a greal deal, but I had one of the eye tints and felt so dissapointed about! I love Becca, but this product just doesnt do it for me. Was a WASH of color that dissapeared on my NW20 eye lid, and you cant really build it up with eyeshadow since it stays somewhat sticky, so the brush with the powder doesn’t glide. Looks weird.


    • 6/5/14 10:45 Isabella Muse:

      ok, skip for me, thanks Andrea :) because I haven’t tried the eye tints or the cheek ones but if it disappears I’m not interested!


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