Bobbi Brown Takes On The Surf & Sand for Summer 2014

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection

Kate Upton takes to her first champagne since signing with Bobbi Brown in the new Surf & Sand Collection for Summer 2014. The Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection includes two, new limited edition eyeshadow palettes that are very exciting as well as other fabulous Summer makeup items that are sure to please.

Take a look!

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Sheer Lip Color $25

  • Summer Nude
  • Peach Sorbet
  • Pink Taffy

Bobbi Brown Summer 2014 Lip Sheers

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Long-Wear Eye Pencil $24

  • Black Chocolate
  • Bronze

Bobbi Brown Summer 2014 Eyeliners

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Brightening Blush $45

  • Blush Pink
  • Blush Bronze

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Brightening Blush Blush Pink

Bobbi Brown Blush Bronze Brightening Blush

Bobbi Brown Surf Eyeshadow Palette $65

  • Cream (creamy beige)
  • Bikini Bronze Metallic (warm copper sparkle)
  • Pink Quartz Metallic (shimmering soft pink)
  • Surf Sparkle (soft aqua blue)
  • Sunshine Metallic (golden beige)
  • Sea Foam Sparkle (soft pastel green)
  • Sunny Gold Metallic (warm gold shimmer)
  • Oyster Sparkle (warm silver)

Bobbi Brown Surf Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Sand Eyeshadow Palette $65

  • Pale Cream (pale warm porcelain)
  • Blazing Star Sparkle (peach opal)
  • Bikini Bronze Metallic (warm copper sparkle)
  • Gold Sparkle: a soft pale gold.
  • Sand (warm porcelain)
  • Frappe (medium ash beige)
  • Golden Copper Metallic (golden bronze)
  • Saddle (dark grey brown)

Bobbi Brown Sand Eyeshadow Palette

I LOVE this collection! Obviously the eyeshadow palettes are what really draw me in but I really like some of the nude Lip Sheer shades as well.

Count me excited.

I need it all!

What do you think of the Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection?

It’s available now at


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  • 6/18/14 11:51 Sara:

    I am really curious to see how the pigmentation is on the brighter shades in the Surf Palette. They could be AMAZING if they’re not too sheer. This is the first Bobbi Brown palette where I thought I might want to buy it. I’m a huge fan of brighter eyeshadow shades (thus my obsession with UD).


    • 6/18/14 11:52 Isabella Muse:

      AGREED! been a little disappointed lately with bobbi’s shadows so if the sand palette packs pigment I’ll be a pretty happy girl đŸ˜€


    • 6/18/14 13:43 breyerchic04:

      The brighter shades are sparkles, so they’re sheer and not blendable like a normal metallic or shimmerwash. I’m in love with that formula, so in those cool colors I might be in love.


  • 6/18/14 12:01 Ashley:

    Love the fun eye shadow palette with the pastel shades, with a hint of shimmer! very pretty.


  • 6/18/14 12:02 Christina:

    I like the fun colorful palette, but I’m thinking the shades are sheer because they’re listed as half sparkles. Isn’t that their formula for the shimmer wash?


    • 6/18/14 12:15 Isabella Muse:

      not sure I’ve never actually heard of a half sparkle formula haha!


  • 6/18/14 12:36 cat:

    Not a Kate Upton fan. Years of ANTM have taught me that she’s not a good model.


    • 6/18/14 12:45 Isabella Muse:

      don’t really care about kate just loving the colors in this collection :)


    • 6/18/14 12:57 Veronica:

      I think she tries too hard, myself, but I kind of admire her tenacity. She gets a lot of flak for not being the traditional model size, and has still managed to do fairly well for herself. I have to give her credit where due.


  • 6/18/14 13:07 Lauen:

    I’ve been waiting for this collection for AGES and I’m dying to see some swatches! I can’t decide if this is a case of A) being smart and buying what works for me, or B) wasting money on dupes of what I already own. Funny how that can be a fine line, right? I won’t buy a shadow palette because I never use them (sigh), but there is a gorgeous cream shadow stick and I love those liners. But the really important question: the pink blush or the bronze???


  • 6/18/14 13:08 Jane:

    I love the Sand palette lip colors and since I missed out on Raw Sugar, I will buy it. As a woman over 50, I can’t say Kate Upton is mu muse. I liked it better when Bobbi didn’t use models or celebrities. That doesn’t stop me from loving her nude tones. Not sure about the blushes or eye pencils.


  • 6/18/14 13:12 Jane:

    Sorry for the spelling errors.


  • 6/18/14 13:45 breyerchic04:

    I think this is the collection that has a beach rollerball, too, right? Because OMG beach perfume in a rollerball is like my dream come true.


    • 6/18/14 13:46 Isabella Muse:

      it does indeed!


  • 6/18/14 13:49 Mary:

    So excited to see some colorful eyeshadows, it seems like her palettes are always so neutral. I would love to see these swatched, I’m afraid they will be too sheer and mega sparkly like some of her other shadows. The lipsticks look great too! Looking forward to your reviews! :)


  • 6/19/14 11:53 jess:

    hey muse,

    I was wondering is this going to be available at sephora?? I really want this collection. thanks so much :)


    • 6/19/14 11:55 Isabella Muse:

      I’m not sure Jess sometimes they do get LE collections, sometimes not! I can’t confirm sorry!


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