Contouring Made Easy with NYX Wonder Stick

NYX Wonder Stick

The NYX Wonder Stick (not to be confused with the NYX Wonder Pencil) is a new dual sided chubby all purpose chubby pencil. The NYX Wonder Stick is available in 4 different shade combinations and includes one universal shade for shading, concealing, highlighting and contouring.

Think of it as in all in one wonder for contouring or perhaps contouring for dummies (me, of course,, being a dummy about contouring!).

It’s available now at for $12!

Check out a diagram how to use it below with before and after pics!

NYX Wonder Stick How To

  • 6/19/14 12:16 Thebeavercat:

    Woah, these look exactly like Michelle Phan’s Chiaroscuro contour and highlighter stick!


    • 6/19/14 13:13 Lace:

      Considering Michelle Phan’s like is being produced with help from Lancome who is under the umbrella of Loreal it doesn’t surprise me that this produce is out. With Loreal now owning NYX I bet this is the same or similar formula to Michelle Phan’s product. :)


      • 6/19/14 15:05 Avalith:

        this explains everything xD Loreal owns practically everything…


      • 6/19/14 21:34 Lacy:

        Totally random but I saw the name and wanted to give a shout out of sorts…. had to ask if your name is Lacy/Lacey as well? I’ve never met anyone else with the same name but I am called Lace more than Lacy. :)


        • 6/22/14 15:00 Lace:

          Yes my name is Lacey too :) My parents call me Lace as do some friends :)


    • 8/14/14 2:42 lana:

      Michelles brand is twice as expensive and the quality is horrible. Do yourself a favor and dont buy the chiaroscuro stick. Its horrible.


      • 1/30/15 18:16 Yuhong:

        i’ve actually tried out some of michelle’s prducts for cyber monday deal 50% off.
        i bought chiaroscuro, a lipstick and her liquid eyeliner.
        i personally dont like the lip color i bought because its different from expectation and i don’t like the smell. the smell was not bad but i just dont like it.
        for her calligraphy liquid liner, i have to say, it’s really hard to use. it looks simple on her video because she cuts most of the part out and jumps to the end result…
        but for chiaroscuro, i have to say i love it. it’s not that horrible, i will definitely try out wonder stick to compare. but now, with chiaroscuro, i have nothing to complain :)


  • 6/19/14 12:17 Melissa:

    All sold out online. Ugh


  • 6/19/14 13:32 Tam Darling:

    I am sorry – but this model looks so overly made up and “muddy” – her before Pic is better than the after. These companies need to realize that Contouring and Highlighting is going to be designed different for the various face shapes all have. When this craze dies down it will be much better. Leave the C & H to the Professionals.


    • 6/19/14 15:41 Heidi:

      I totally agree with you Tam! A little contouring is OK, but this is overkill! Contouring is tricky. I get maybe wanting to make cheekbones pop a bit of slimming the face a touch, but this is too mask-like for my tastes.


  • 6/19/14 15:19 Allison:

    If these ever come back, I will get one. I am using bronzer to contour and I’d love an affordable NYX stick. Still love my wonder pencil


  • 6/19/14 15:52 taylor:

    I am frightened by the final photograph of that model. It’s too, too much.


  • 6/19/14 19:57 Victoria:

    The before is 100x better than the after.


    • 6/20/14 7:39 Littlecreek:

      Exactly! I was looking at the pics and thought “so this pencil takes a beautiful young woman and turns her into an overly made up Barbie?” I’m still trying to figure out if she actually wearing makeup or if it was “applied” by Photoshop. Very plastic looking……and now “Barbie Girl” is stuck in my head.

      The product probably works great this is just a really bad advertisement.


  • 6/19/14 21:36 Lacy:

    Aside from the scary after photo as others have noticed,I would like to give this a try to dabble with contouring as I don’t really know how. I’ll have to check my local ulta to see if they’re instock.


  • 6/23/14 18:45 reen:

    after pic is overdone! but cool product!


  • 3/2/15 23:58 Lorna Joven:

    Waaaaaay too much makeup~ Makeup is to enhance, not to cover. Fail.


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