Flower Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Flower Daffodil With It Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow

Flower Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow is a new chubby pencil eyeshadow that launched in five shades and was added to the permanent Flower Cosmetics Collection at Walmart.

I was actually excited about these because I really like quickie eyeshadow application and these seemed like a nice way to get easy color on my lids in a hurry!

Let’s take a look!

I used to hate cream shadow several years ago but I’ve really grown to love them! I especially like really easy ways to apply and I find shadow sticks like the Flower Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow Pencil an simple way to get color on my eyes.

This is a retractable pencil so no sharpener is needed! They also sport a dome shape much like Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint which fits the contour of the eye easily and allows really super simple application by sliding the pencil across your lids and you can blend out with your fingertip easily!

I only tried Daffodil With It which is a soft light beige shade so take this review with a grain salt but I must say I was very disappointed.

Flower Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow

Flower Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow

Flower Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow Swatches

Flower Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow (Swatches) (Daffodil With It)

The formula is very soft and super thin with a soft, satiny feel. They formula blends easily and applies without tugging. It has a soft, easy glide across my lids.

My issue?


This is very, very, very sheer with little to no color. Once I applied it I felt like I wasn’t wearing any eyeshadow at all. I was pretty disappointed because these could prove lovely in theory but the lack of pigment was a disappointed. I’m actually surprised because I’ve tried a few Flower products in the past and have not been disappointed by their color pay off in the least.

I am curious to try some of the other shades as perhaps this was just a fluke but I’ve read quite a few reviews that aren’t favorable so I might just skip out on testing another color.

Anyone try them?

Do share your thoughts on the formula!


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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 6/20/14 8:37 Jennifer F:

    I have to agree with you. Gorgeous colors, terrible formulas…they look and feel amazing but they crease within the hour!!!


    • 6/20/14 9:39 Isabella Muse:

      AWESOME idea for the highlighter Jennifer :) at least I don’t have to toss it now 😀


  • 6/20/14 8:38 Jennifer F:

    Ps. I use mine as a highlighter instead!


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