Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha Lipstick Review & Swatches

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha Lipstick

Just when I thought Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen was my fav Summer shade, Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha Lipstick drops in and changes the game on me!

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha Lipstick takes everything I LOVE about Lipstick Queen Medieval and packs in more color, more shine, and brings it to me in a stunning fiery red!

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha Lipstick is my new must have Summer shade!

Poppy King is simply the master of creating stunning lipstick formulas and Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha is testimony to her work.

Housed in a slick metal orange casing, Lipstick Queen Endless Summer is inspired by the iconic 60’s surfer movie, The Endless Summer. This formula not only adds color and moisture to lips but protects them too with an SPF 15! It’s a soft, nourishing lipstick that feels even more moisturizing than Poppy’s Saint Lipstick formula. It applies with a melty, almost oily feel and leaves lips with slick, shiny, and opaque color. It wears for around five hours and through that wear lips remain moist and hydrated with a lovely shine! I simply love lipsticks that look like I applied gloss over them and this gives that illusion! It contains candelilla wax as well as Vitamin E to give it that beautiful glossiness.

Lipstick Queen Aloha Lipstick

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha Lipstick

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha Lipstick Swatches

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha Lipstick Swatches

The color is to die for as well. It looks like a red lipstick in the tube with a hint of orange. But applied it turns into this wonderful reddish orange. It isn’t a true orange shade mind you and leans towards more red but there’s enough orange here that you easily see it in the shade. The lovely thing about the color is the fact it’ll look different across a variety of skin tones so the shade is quite unique to each skin tone that wears it!

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha Lipstick FOTD

If you’re looking for a stunning Summer glossy lipstick shade I’d highly recommend Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha Lipstick!

Loves it.

Muse Approved.

Available now at,, and Space NK stores.



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  • 6/30/14 18:27 breyerchic04:

    I have been wearing Perfect Wave, the hot pink shade, nearly all the time recently. I love it!


  • 6/30/14 18:53 fancie:

    I love this color on you! Very pretty!


    • 6/30/14 20:49 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks chica you always leave the nicest comments :)


  • 7/1/14 1:26 Cindy: has this too!


  • 7/1/14 4:48 Heather:

    I have one of their lipsticks and love it but it is so soft that it broke the first time I used it. I took it back and replaced it, but I notice it is super soft and have to be very careful with it and I’m scared to bring it anywhere in my purse since it’s summer. Is it just that one shade or is that an issue across the board?


    • 7/1/14 7:26 Isabella Muse:

      i’ve never had any of my lipstick queen lipsticks break Heather so couldn’t say it was an issue across the board.


    • 7/3/14 0:20 Rebecca:

      The Saint and sheer lipsticks tend to soften more than the Sinner formula. The 90% pigment in those seems to keep them in shape.


  • 7/1/14 10:24 Michelle:

    This is gorg Muse! I have yet to purchase a LQ lippie but this might be the one I take the plunge on. I always love the colors and have heard great things about the brand overall.


    • 7/1/14 10:35 Isabella Muse:

      thanks girl! the shade is stunningggggggg! I think you’ll love it Michelle. Let me know what you pick up! I highly recommend Jean Queen!


  • 7/1/14 15:30 Majick:

    I have a few LQ lippies and they are very nice. I have an appointment at Ulta on THursday so now I’m in the market for the Too Faced Cat Eye palette and possibly this endless summer super juicy shade.

    I really don’t need either but…heh heh heh.


    • 7/1/14 15:40 Isabella Muse:

      GO for it 😀


  • 7/1/14 19:47 Hez:

    Musey it almost looks fruit punchy colored in your photo.. 😉 love it


    • 7/2/14 9:13 Isabella Muse:

      😀 thanks girl!


  • 7/3/14 0:21 Rebecca:

    I’m torn between this one and Medieval.


  • 7/16/14 8:24 Fiona Furtado:

    I bought a similar shade and absolutely loved it!


  • 8/12/14 12:57 Madeline:

    I adore this shade, but I’m a little surprised to see you describe it as an orange-red – on me it’s more like a pinky raspberry red, similar-ish to Too Faced I Want Candy or Maybelline Whisper Candy Apple Red. Which I’m happy about, because pinky-reds are better for me than orange-reds. Maybe it’s one of those chameleon shades?


    • 8/12/14 12:58 Madeline:

      ETA The person who described it as a fruit punch color is on point, at least for how it shows up on my fair skin.


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