L’Oreal Buys NYX Cosmetics

NYX Love in Rio Eye Shadow

L’Oreal’s beauty portfolio is about to get bigger as they are about to acquire and buy out NYX Cosmetics. It is undisclosed how much L’Oreal paid for NYX but none the less NYX Cosmetics will shortly be apart of the L’Oreal family.

RRTnews reports, “NYX is a dynamic company that has done a tremendous job of harnessing the power of social media, digital marketing and multi-channel distribution. Both L’Oréal and NYX share a passion for innovation and a confidence in the strength and vitality of the color cosmetics market,” said Frédéric Rozé, President and CEO of L’Oréal USA.

The brand will continue with their current leadership team and remain a California based brand!

I doubt much will change for NYX when this deal is finalized. I’m not an expert on cruelty free beauty but NYX is currently cruelty free and I imagine it will remain so after the acquisition.

What are your thoughts on L’Oreal buying out NYX Cosmetics?

Do share!

  • 6/19/14 9:47 jennifer:

    I wonder if NYX will be available in more major retailers after this deal. Right now, It is only available at Ulta in my town. Before Ulta opened in the fall, I couldn’t get NYX locally.


    • 6/19/14 9:48 Isabella Muse:

      it actually already is…it’s at target, harmons/bed,bath,beyond, and cvs.


      • 6/19/14 20:55 jennifer:

        I didn’t know about CVS or Bed, bath and beyond. We don’t have a Target locally. thanks for the tip


        • 6/20/14 9:57 Isabella Muse:

          np! :)


  • 6/19/14 10:14 Adrienne:

    Well now it makes sense because a few months ago NYX popped up in CVS and then I saw it at the grocery store when I had only been able to locate it at Ulta. The one thing I did notice (and it may be regional) that the prices were about $2.00 higher on the same items I purchased at Ulta like the lip butters and eye palettes so I would go back to Ulta for the Buy 1/50% off and $3.50 off $10 purchase so many people may still go back to Ulta for the sales.


    • 6/19/14 10:21 Isabella Muse:

      I think that’s a cvs thing not a loreal one :) cvs overprices EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGG!


  • 6/19/14 10:24 Rachel P.:

    I was suprised to see this but find it very exciting! L’Oreal and NYX are 2 of my favorite drugstore brands, so I think this’ll be a veritable power duo. I wouldn’t mind seeing NYX glamming up its packaging a little, more in the vein of L’Oreal’s products- NYX does a cute job but it could be a bit more sleek! And I second Jennifer’s comment- I have no Target, Harmons, Ulta, or CVS in my area. I’ve had to do all my NYX ordering online. It would be great to see it in Walgreens, RiteAid, or supermarkets.


    • 6/26/14 7:27 Luke:

      I am so sorry but I disagree, I find this disgusting, not exciting ot start to be owned by company who hurts animals by testing on them when it wasn’t necessary before, what changed? LOREAL!


      • 11/14/14 4:36 Susan Kincaid:

        I totally agree, Luke. I’ve tried some of NYX products this year and was pleased. Lipsticks, mostly. That’s it for me.


  • 6/19/14 10:32 kimkats:

    NYX’s availability is very hit and miss. I think one CVS here has it, I think only one of the targets do, BBB here has no makeup section and no harmons here… Ulta is pretty much the only source for it a lot of places, unfortunately…..


  • 6/19/14 13:24 Kaitlin:

    L’Oreal is not cruelty free, and when they become Nyx’s parent company, Nyx would technically not be a cruelty free brand. Personally I am not happy about the buyout.


    • 6/20/14 13:00 veganbabe:

      I am very angry about it. I will no longer buy nyx cosmetics


      • 6/22/14 19:30 Ewa:

        I’ve just found out and i’m very sad about it! :( NYX seemed to be very good brand and has its own potential and style, now it’s L’Oréals so the brand I hate :/ Very disappointed.


  • 6/19/14 13:34 kimkats:

    the only potential downsides to L’Oreal buying NYX is that (a)the prices will undoubtedly go up and (b) there is the real risk that NYX prducts will have buckets of added fragrance to them. Seems like all French owned lines cannot produce a product where fragrance is listed in the upper half of the ingredients! That keeps me from buying much Lancome, esp. skincare, and since L’Oreal is the parent co. to Lancome, I am concerned that they’ll start shovelling buckets of utterly unnecessary fragrance into the products. that will be a deal breaker for me…


  • 6/19/14 13:49 Christine Joy Luikuo:

    Really? I’m having quite of mixed emotions. I’m happy because L’oreal can surely help NYX expand in various ways. But I think prices of NYX products will become much higher once the acquisition is done. About NYX cruelty-free, I’m hoping it will stay the same. It’s not that I strictly buy cruelty-free products but it’s nice to know you’re buying from a brand/company that somehow cares for the environment.


    • 6/20/14 14:43 cruelty free:

      I don’t think environment is the right word to describe 70 million animals per year being killed for needless testing because the Chinese won’t change their outdated legislation. It’s cruel, barbaric and sadistic, but you can have an environmentally friendly company who does test on animals, and you can have a cruelty free company who dumps buckets of disinfectant & toxic chemicals in the ocean.

      They’re two different issues entirely.


  • 6/19/14 15:20 Avalith:

    If you think about how many other brands L’Oreal has underneath its umbrella, it’s not surprising and I doubt much will change as far as where NYX originally stood in terms of staying cruelty free and reasonable drugstore pricing.


  • 6/19/14 19:20 brittney:

    Too bad they don’t share the same cruelty free ideas. It’s such a shame they are going to loose so much of their fan base.


  • 6/19/14 21:08 stevee:

    L’oreal already owns the body shop and urban decay both of which are suppose to be cruelty free. Its my understanding that they are both still that way and that the only difference with them is just who owns them. So i really wouldn’t expect any changes in nyx.


    • 6/24/14 11:07 Miss D:

      I hope you’re right stevee as it would be a shame if L’oreal makes major changes to NYX. *fingers crossed*


  • 6/26/14 7:25 Luke:

    I am very disgusted by this news, but not surprised. I shared a very brief video on youtube. My experience with their customer service and asking their cruelty free status has been bad over years.

    Calling nyx “cruelty free” being owned by L’oreal is NOT CRUELTY FREE. some see this differently, but the reality is the money goes to loreal who tests on animals. SHAME ON NYX! I am so glad I only own two eyeshadows form the, that’s it! BOYCOTT! What do others think?


  • 9/13/14 22:48 janet:

    NYX really sold out–no integrity at all. Now, to buy NYX, you will be supportimg the cruel, unecessary animal testing that Loreal is funding in China. China has no animal crelty laws. It is a free for all over there. I will not buy NYX ever again.


  • 9/21/14 8:52 taicraven:

    NYX is dead to me. Dead, ya hear me. DEAD. Hmmph.


  • 9/27/15 3:49 Christy:

    I can’t believe I just found out right now… Seriously I hate loreal….buying all the no-cruelty brand companys to make them animal tested. I love Elf Cosmetics and NYX so much…and now I can only buy Elf… I really hate animal tested products. If you don’t care for how if your makeup products are cruelty free or not…you are messed up and should try watching an actual video of them doing animal testing to see what really goes on.


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