Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow, not to be confused with the W Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow released with the Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014 Collection that I recently reviewed, is a line of single color shades designed to create a natural eye look.

I’m really all about simple, natural eye looks lately! Bobbi Brown Sand Dune is one of my favorite ways to capture the natural look but right now I’m really loving these Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow singles just as much!

Lunasol Lighting Eyes

I picked up two of the five shades that Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow was available in. Both shades are light, buttery shades of beige. These shades kinda remind me of NARS Night Star as they have a gentle sparkle to them that brightens eyes up and blurs the appearance of dark circles.

Shiny Cool Beige actually has the most shimmer where as the other shade, Light Beige, is more of a semi-matte finish. Both shades have a very silky, smooth texture with an easy to apply formula that blends super simply on lids with a little bit of fall out on Shiny Beige due to the sparkle but nothing too noticeable. The texture are silky but they also have a butteriness to them that makes for a very pleasant application and wear. The colors are very subtle but noticeable enough that they brighten up eyes and add a very natural look to them! This is particularly nice shades to use if you’re going a bit more dramatic with your liquid eyeliner.

Lunasol Light Beige Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow (Light Beige)

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow Swatches

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow Swatches (Light Beige)

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow Light Beige

Lunasol Light Beige Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow fotd

Wearing Light Beige

Lunasol Shiny Cool Beige Lighting Eyes

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow (Shiny Cool Beige)

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Swatches

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow Swatches (Shiny Cool Beige)

Lunasol Shiny Cool Beige Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow Shiny Cool Beige

Wearing Shiny Cool Beige

You can, of course, also use them to highlight with but I found the real job applying them as a color wash all over my lid!

Lunasol Lighting Eyes Eyeshadow are one of those essential eyeshadows that everyone should have in their arsenal for quick, easy, elegant eye looks. I must admit I hate the near $30 price tag per a single small shadow but I’d buy them again in a heart beat! They are just stunning!

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  • 6/25/14 14:34 Elizabeth Maiorana:

    Hi sweet Muse,

    I have been following you for a while now and haven’t commented on anything recently, but I couldn’t help myself today with your lovely post of these Lunasol shadows. They are gorgeous, and moreover, they look smashing on you!! Very softly beautiful. Just gorgeous. Thanks for the post and for all you do for your readers. xo Beth in Pgh


    • 6/25/14 14:47 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks for making my day beth :) I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! and thank you! you’re far too kind! You totally made me smile today! Many thanks for visiting :)


  • 6/26/14 9:07 mary:

    I honestly found them Meh… I have seen this kind of shadows all over the place for more affordable price, the packaging is cute but I am not the kidn of person who buys a product for the packaging. PS love your blog 😀


    • 6/26/14 9:17 Isabella Muse:

      sorry to hear it Mary! Aw thanks <3!


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