Lush Fruity Beauty Shower Gel for Summer 2014

Lush Fruity Beauty Shower Gel

If you were to ask me what my favorite part of being a Lushie is, I’d tell you shower gel! That’s why I’m ever so excited about the new Lush Fruity Beauty Shower Gel for Summer 2014!

I have too many shower gels to count! I should really be ashamed of myself. I’m particularly guilty of hoarding Philosophy Shower Gels but I’ve been known to get a little crazy when it comes to Lush Shower Gels too but thankfully they expire in a year so I’m less likely to want to hoard cases and cases of my favorites like Lush Snow Fairy!

Lush Fruity Beauty Shower Gel a new tropical shower gel for Summer! Wait, did they sell tropical? Swoon! This one is packed with pineapple, lemon, lime, hell even a little vodka! It’s a raspberry shade of color and has soothing aloe vera gel in it as well so if you’re suffering from a tan this will cool it down! The lemon oil and fresh lemon also help brighten up skin!

I think I’m in love!

I need it.

It’s available now at Lush UK!

  • 6/24/14 12:15 Iris:

    Wow, this sounds amazing. I hope it makes its way over to our side of the pond’s shops. :)


  • 7/7/14 9:44 Pam:

    I asked about this in my local store and the SA said that this was a “Lush Kitchen” item. Lush Kitchen is exclusive to the UK and they create limited edition items that sell out very quickly and are experimental items (or different-form items of existing products) that only are for sale for a few weeks’ time. Your review made it sound so nice but I don’t think it’s coming stateside.


  • 7/11/14 15:58 Laughingirl:

    Ooh this sounds like it’s going to smell good!


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