MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass Review & Swatches

MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass 1

I’m kinda in love with MAC Gold Mirror at the moment but man oh man is it sparkly. MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass is a limited edition gloss that launched with the MAC Pedro Lourenco Collection for Summer 2014.

I imagine in some other life MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass would have made an excellent cream eyeshadow in all it’s sparkly joy!

MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass is a dirty gold with tons of gorgeous shimmer. I’m tempted to call it brassy gold but it isn’t quite there. I think the biggest pull for Gold Mirror is the amount of crazy a$$ shimmer in it. I don’t think I own another lipglass from MAC with this much shimmer so in that it’s unique.

MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass

MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass

MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass swatches

MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass Swatches

It’s actually leaves a nice translucent layer of gold sparkle on lips with a high intense shimmer but user beware because as it wears away it leaves behind a lot of shimmer. It’ll look amazing on tanned or dark skin tones or you can use it on top of matte shades or even red lipsticks to add lovely golden sparkle!

The shade wears a solid four hours on my lips but I admit I dislike the shimmer it leaves behind. However, even though it does contain a crazy amount of shimmer the texture is never gritty or uncomfortable to wear!

I do wish someone would get on creating an eyeshadow like this soon!

If you love MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass I highly suggest grabbing it now as it is limited edition and won’t stick around very long!

MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass fotd

Wearing MAC Gold Mirror Lipglass

Grab it at your local MAC counter or online at


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  • 6/10/14 11:46 Christina:

    You know, it looks pretty on everyone I see, but on my lips, man oh man is it ever metallic and opaque! My natural lips aren’t very pigmented, so when I wear this color, even lightly, it looks almost exactly the same as it does in the tube. My husband took one look at me, and said, “Nope! It’s going back.” He even hated the way it looked layered over my lipsticks. Haha!

    Sigh! I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t look good in the lipglasses from this collection.


    • 6/10/14 11:58 Isabella Muse:

      awwwwww sorry girl! :( did you try over a dark stain!?


  • 6/10/14 12:03 Christina:

    Yeah. I mean, it looks good under low lighting where the shimmers show more than the color, but in natural daylight or at work it looks obviously dirty gold overtop of my lipstick. LOL. I can’t quite explain it. I’m on the fence. The shimmer is just too pretty; I just wish it wasn’t so opaque!


    • 6/10/14 12:45 Isabella Muse:

      aw sorry chica it sounds like a return to me! get something else!!!!!!


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