Napoleon Perdis Two Faced Eyeliner Duo Combines Two Liners In One!

Napoleon Perdis Two Faced Eyeliner Duo

If you’re going to do some brilliant you might as well get it right and the new Napoleon Perdis Two Faced Eyeliner Duo gets it SO right.

Napoleon Perdis Two Faced Eyeliner Duo is a new, limited edition dual ended eyeliner pen that features a fine line tip on one end and a angled slanted felt tip on the other. How freaking cool (and innovative) is that?!


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These are available now at

Why has no one thought of this idea before?!

Loves it!


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  • 6/21/14 9:40 Susannah:

    Wow, since when did Nordie’s carry Napoleon Perdis? An acquaintance of mine, who used to work the Mac counter at Nordie’s, left them to rep for Perdis — I ran into her not too long ago stocking the Perdis shelves at Ulta.

    She loves Perdis cosmetics! She says the mascara they make (you apply it with a wand that doesn’t have any bristles on it, then comb it through,) is the BEST mascara she has ever used. Have you tried this mascara, Isabella?


    • 6/23/14 15:09 Isabella Muse:

      I have not but have tried mascaras like it from Asia that are fab :) Nordstrom started carrying Perdis a year or so ago!? He used to be at Sephora too but stopped several years ago :(


  • 6/22/14 19:07 Dee:

    While they look super cool, all that I can think of for some reason is that those two shades in particular are going to stain my lids. I’ve had that issue with similar felt tip type liners in the past…hopefully these will behave!! :)


  • 6/23/14 7:07 alwaysinstyle:

    Love them!!! :)


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