Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color Review & Swatches

Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color Lip Care

I’m actually a massive Labello fan but our Nivea equivalent never really did it for me. But the new Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color was a tempting little morsel that had the potential to change my mind.

Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color is a recent addition to the Nivea Lip Balm world that comes in four shades and features a moisture core surrounded by a tinted glossy balm. Sounds nifty right?

Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color Balm

Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color is a simple flavorless tinted lip balm that provides decent moisture and a nice hint of tint. This is the poor girl or guy’s guide to higher end tinted balms that might not fit into your budget like Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment. Mind you it isn’t a dupe but it’s a nice way to fill your craving for tinted balm without signing away your first born child.

Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color Lip Balm

This comes in a simple twist to apply plastic case. It has a solid core moisturizing center enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil that surrounded by a tinted lip balm. It wears for about an hour at best and wears away soon after that but provides a nice hint of natural tint on my lips during that time. I find the moisture factor wears for around that time as well so I’m chronically reapplying it since I have drier lips! I’d dub it lightly hydrating but those with drier lips with def feel they need a lot more moisture than this will provide. It has a nice high sheen finish and the Sheer Berry shade I purchased provides a nice plummy pink to my lips.

Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color

Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color (Sheer Berry)

Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color swatches

Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color Swatches (Sheer Berry)

People might disagree but I think Labello has such a superior formula compared to the Nivea Care Balms we get here in the US. Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color is a nice budget pick up if you like tinted lip balms but keep it mind this offers very light moisture so drier lips might not love it!

Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color fotd

It’s available now at drugstores or grab it online at

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  • 6/18/14 9:43 Eraser:

    I was really anticipating these until I found out they have mint/menthol, which I hate in lip products.


    • 6/18/14 9:48 Isabella Muse:

      wow I didn’t notice a taste at all…interesting that they contain menthol and don’t taste like it!


  • 6/18/14 10:00 Karen:

    My lips are drier in Winter than in Summer but I really like more color on my lips so I choose lipsticks that have the benefit of SPF and moisturizers 😀


  • 6/18/14 18:36 Irene:

    My favorite lipbalm/sheer lip product is Nivea A Kiss Of Cherry, it gives the lips a gorgeous red flush and it’s very moisturizing!


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