Renew and Balance Skin with New NYX Skin Elixirs

NYX Skin Elixirs

NYX Cosmetics had a rather massive Spring/Summer 2014 launch with MANY new products so it’s exciting that they have even more new products popping up today. NYX Cosmetics Skin Elixirs are a new primer available in two formulations that balance and renew skin.

Take a look!

NYX Q10 Renew Skin Elixir
Apparently only a prop of this potion will get your skin looking vibrant and healthy courtesy coenzyme Q10.

NYX Tea Tree Balance Skin Elixir
This new primer is infused with tea tree oils to renew your complexion and keep it matte and shine free.

The new NYX Skin Elixirs are $12 each and available now at

  • 6/19/14 13:31 kimkats:

    Oooo…..Mmmmm…. I’m kinda liking the sound of the Renew one!!! Gonna have to start scouting Ulta for these (and a few of the other new things they have out!) Me likey!


  • 6/20/14 10:53 Bonnie:

    I wonder if any other Canadian readers are having trouble finding the great NYX products you are blogging about. The Rexall drugstores that I frequent are quickly running out of NYX products, which is a shame as I love their lippies and gloss and I’d like to try these shiny new products but they can’t be found for love nor money. This may have to do with the upheavals at NYX – I read yesterday that the company is being purchased by L’Oreal but I don’t have confirmation on that.


    • 10/3/14 14:05 Stevi:

      Yep, right there with you. The Rexall and PharmaSave stores in my area that carry Nyx do not have any of the newer Spring/Summer and now Fall releases. London Drugs just rolled out the newer Spring products, but have not put out anything from Summer (including these primers) or now Fall with the Wicked lipsticks. It makes me sad that they can’t get their products to us in stores and we have to order from third parties online.


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