Sephora Pull It Together Travel Bag

Sephora Pull It Together Travel Bag

I just wanna say the Sephora Pull It Together Travel Bag is going to be my new best friend. I do my makeup in front of my bathroom mirror and I typically lay out a towel on the counter and place the makeup, brushes, etc that I’ll be using on it. When I’m done I roll it up to put away when I get home from work.

This is why I fell in love with this Sephora Pull It Together Travel Bag! I was playing with this in store several days ago and I had to buy it! It’s a bit expensive but kinda worth a pick up for me!

Pull It Together Travel Bag

Basically the Sephora Pull It Together Travel Bag acts the way my towel does. It’s basically a flat disc so you can lay it on your work space be it a bathroom sink area or your vanity, etc…now you can just pop the products you’re using on top of it and do your face. After you’re done simply pull the string and all the items are enclosed in the bag.

They market it for travel purposes but I wouldn’t be comfortable traveling with makeup in this! However, in the AM it’s ideal for me as I can place everything I’ll be using on the disc before I go to bed and in the morning have my shower and start my face. When I’m done I rarely have to put away the items I used but I dislike having a mess on my counter so I can just pull the string and after is tucked away. When I get home at night I can put away what I used!

Loves it!

I think $26 is a little pricey for it bu it’s way better than rolling my makeup up in a towel that’s for sure!

The Sephora Pull It Together Travel Bag is available now at Sephora and


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  • 6/10/14 14:18 Lisa:

    It’s a good idea (I have the same issues as you, no time to put things away in the morning) but I bet you could DIY something like this pretty easily.


    • 6/10/14 14:21 Isabella Muse:

      girl I am so not a good diyer 😀


  • 6/10/14 16:14 Miranda:

    Oh my god! It’s an exact copy of the Lay-N-Go Cosmo which has been around for a while now!


    • 6/10/14 16:14 Isabella Muse:

      I’ve actually never heard of lay n go cosmo gotta go google!


    • 6/10/14 16:31 Liz:

      I was totally going to say the same thing Miranda! This one looks nicer but they def. copied the concept from Lay-N-Go. I’m surprised they didn’t have a patent on the thing…such a handy product!


      • 6/12/14 14:29 Miranda:

        Okay so I talked to my contact at Lay N Go and she said they actually worked with Sephora to design this :) Now I’m not bitter LOL


  • 6/10/14 20:42 Pam:

    Definitely something you could easily make yourself if you wanted to. I used to make travel jewelry bags that were similar.


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