Softlips Intense Moisture for Dry Lips

Softlips Intense Moisture

Dry lips? Yeah, I feel your pain! Softlips Intense Moisture Lip Balm is another new product launch from Softlips (have you tried the Softlips Cube Lip Protectant? That’s new too and brilliant) available in three flavors that promise intense moisture for drier lips!

Softlips Intense Moisture contains SPF 15 as well as shea and Murumuru butter to sooth, relieve, and help drier lips to maintain moisture while vitamins A, C, and E repair damaged lips.


  • Berry Mint
  • Citrus Mint
  • Double Mint

Softlips Intense Moisture also has a new breath freshening technology that adds a minty freshness to lips!

Grab it now at

P.S. Anyone watching the train wreck that is The Wil Wheaton Project? I ADORE Wil but this show is just horrible!


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  • 6/10/14 20:48 Cookie:

    I like the original vanilla Soft Lips so I’ll keep an eye out for these.

    Awwww. Don’t hate on Wil! 😊😄😄 We’re watching it. I know on his blog he said they told him to make it “big.” But after watching he said he should’ve gone with his gut and acted more natural. I think the second show was better. I think it’ll find its groove soon enough. I’m just hoping for more drunk/ high Neil Tyson Degrasse!


    • 6/11/14 9:16 Isabella Muse:

      I can’t help it, it’s so bad! It has to be scripted right?! bc wil is truly funny and clever and this is just bad, bad, bad…he’s so nervous, it reminds me of Chris Hardwick and I don’t really love Chris. I def hope that he gets more comfortable with his role because he’s truly a funny guy and I adore him but this just isn’t him! I agree lol! Neil Tyson Degrasse drunk is hysterical 😀


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