Bath & Body Works Fall 2014 Candles Sneak Peek

Bath & Body Works Fall 2014 Candles

Bath & body Works Fall 2014 Candles are slowing trickling into stores. The new Market Fresh aka Simple Fresh Good Collection of candles features both old favorites and one or two new fragrances.

Mind you this collection is very, very tiny and there will be a bigger Bath & Body Works Fall 2014 Candle selection available as we get nearer to Fall but here’s what we are looking at right now!

Bath & Body Works Lemon Mint Leaf Candle
Lemon balm and spearmint leaves uplift this refreshing blend of vetiver and citrus.

Bath & Body Works Harvest Peaches Leaf Candle
Juicy peaches, cinnamon and autumn spices.

Bath & Body Works Autumn Mums Leaf Candle
Fall blooms with this blend of soft mum petals, amber and a hint of sandalwood.

Bath & Body Works Farmstand Apple Leaf Candle
McIntosh apples, pear blossom and oak.

Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Mint Candle
Mint and citrus, softened by delicate notes of jasmine and musk.

Bath & Body Works Heirloom Pumpkin Candle
Fresh pumpkin, creamy nutmeg and rich brown sugar.

Available now at and in stores!

Any you want?

The new Harvest Peaches sounds interesting!

  • 7/7/14 10:42 Alessandra:

    I saw these in a store near me a little over a week ago. The only ones that interested me were the peach and the apple, but this peach one just didn’t compare to Market Peach. I think I’ll get the apple next time there’s a 2 for $22 sale, though.


  • 7/7/14 11:04 Michou:

    Ohhh! I love the variety! Much like you, I’m always suckered in by this every, single, autumn.


    • 7/7/14 11:06 Isabella Muse:

      LOL 😀 same here same here!


  • 7/7/14 11:26 JoElla:

    I lucked out, my store had these out for the 9.00 sale. I did buy the peach and the apple candles.

    The apple candle is ‘softer’ then the normal Autumn candle and I also think the peach is “softer” then the normal marketplace peach candle.

    I have seen the other fall candles in pictures, and cannot wait. I better get to burning, so I can justify buying more!


    • 7/7/14 13:24 Isabella Muse:

      lucky girl!!!!!!!!!! mine are regularly priced! although the Summer sips are on sale!


  • 7/7/14 12:25 auroragyps:

    Some of these sound nice, but the label for Autumn Mum makes me laugh, because that’s not a picture of a mum, it’s a dahlia (on of my favorite flowers, so I know). The little canning jar version of the scent does have a mum on it though.


  • 7/7/14 13:39 Janelle:

    Muse Darling! It has been so long and then I return to your awesome blog and bam
    I’m $100 poorer. Still love ya girl! :). Lemon Mint Leaf and Heirloom Pumpkin shall be mine


    • 7/7/14 13:49 Isabella Muse:

      haha sorry Janelle 😀 *hugs* whatcha get whatcha get?! 😀


      • 7/8/14 12:36 Janelle:

        I ended up getting tons of stuff at the sale and have gotten the Summer candles. I never end up finishing the candle either. LOL


  • 7/7/14 16:36 Kadie Lee:

    Bath and Body Works is definitely not wasting time getting the fall stuff out. Its hardly July!


    • 7/7/14 16:44 Isabella Muse:

      it comes earlier and earlier every year *rolls eyes* not that I mind haha!


  • 7/7/14 21:05 Jamey LaBotte:

    Glad to see F armstand Apple is back, I just love the fresh crisp yet warm and homey scent!! Great throw as well ;). Autumn Mums sounds interesting as they are my favorite in the fall, just not so impressed by the packaging….looks more springy than fall to me…oh well cannot wait to see the other collections and will be broke from august through the holiday season stocking up!!:


  • 7/8/14 7:22 Semaria Shaw:

    I have the bottom two and love both. May pick up a few more. I can’t tolerate the smell of pumpkin or apple scents tho. I may try thr Mum or peach candles.


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