THE Biggest Tart I Ever Did See!

I got my recent Bathing Garden order which included this massive 8.5 oz wax tart! AHHHH! It’s so big!!!!!!!

the bathing garden

bathing garden 8.5 oz tart

the bathing garden 8.5 oz giant tart

  • 7/2/14 11:39 Majickq:

    It IS very big – and what pray tell does one do with a wax tart? Here I thought you found a decent picture of me. LMAO!
    Is this something that you sit in a dish and it releases fragrance?


    • 7/2/14 11:43 Isabella Muse:

      haha majick :) yup, just place it in a warmer, light a tealight under it, and it melts down and releases fragrance 😀


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