Biore Sweet Berries Nose Pore Cleaning Strips Review

Biore Sweet Berries Nose Pore Cleaning Strips

Biore Sweet Berries Nose Pore Cleaning Strips are one of the two limited edition fragrances of nose strips that Kao launched in Japan recently. You’ve heard about these before as I’ve reviewed them a plenty in the past. There’s something so novel about a scented nose strip! I don’t understand why Kao hasn’t launched these in the US as I think they’d sell really well! A few years ago we did have Mandarin strips but they never really took off.

Anyway, Grapefruit is the other limited edition scent but Sweet Berries REALLY stands out!

AlphabeautyUK on sells these in packs of two and each pack features six strips. They are your standard white cleansing nose strip and not the charcoal ones (which I love). To use simply wet your nose, stick the strip on, wait for it to dry, and YANK it off to remove nasty blackheads and gunk that may have clogged up the pores on your nose.

Biore Sweet Berries Nose Pore Strips

Biore Sweet Berries Nose Strips

They really stand out because they have a fresh berry fragrance. I could see myself purchasing a body mist or perfume scented like this. It isn’t a plastic berry scent and has more of a faint floral note with a very fresh berry element. They smell GORGEOUS! And they are possibly my favorite limited edition nose strips to date!

And yes, even when wet, the strips smell divine. It’s kinda novel to sit around with a nose strip that gives off pleasant wisps of berry fragrance through the wear.

I love these.

Total Muse Approval!


Get ’em on from seller AlphabeautyUK.


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  • 7/31/14 18:17 Kay:

    That sounds like something amazing and a must try product! I can imagine myself sniffing non-stop while have the pore strips on :p


    • 8/1/14 9:13 Isabella Muse:



  • 7/31/14 19:51 Lindsey:

    Ive been looking at you blog for awhile now and I love it! My favorite reviews are defiantly your Asian beauty ones. Have you heard of Meme Box? Its a Asian beauty subscription. I would love to see some review on it from you!


    • 8/1/14 9:08 Isabella Muse:

      hi lindsey! thanks so much :) so glad you enjoy Musings. I have but I don’t really love subscription boxes to be honest! :-/


  • 8/1/14 3:34 JudithDM:

    Found on Amazon, not ebay but may have missed them! Curious, what brand of charcoal strips/mask do you use! Thank you in advance. I get so many fabulous product suggestions from you!


  • 8/1/14 8:49 Marsya:

    I saw this yesterday on Sasa and totally surprise of this new edition! Nice review <3 xo


    • 8/1/14 9:04 Isabella Muse:

      thanks marsya :)


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