Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Leave In Conditioner Review

Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare Leave In Conditioner

So my obsession with Carol’s Daughter continues around these parts as I recently hauled the Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Leave In Conditioner!

Oh, wait, I should say that this will NEVER ever replace my beloved Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave In Conditioner but it is pretty darn good none the less!

You NEED it.

Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Leave In Conditioner happens to be a Target and exclusive so you can’t get it off but that’s ok, because hey, instant gratification right?!

I’m not a huge floral fan and although tiare is a rather popular scent it’s not something I’d navigate to but I LOVE this fragrance. I think the Black Vanilla fragrance is quite rich so if you want something a little lighter for daily use this should fit the bill. It doesn’t have a full on floral fragrance but mixes a fresher almost lemon-y note in with the gardenia and creates a fresh, floral cocktail. It doesn’t have the throw that Black Vanilla does as I find Black Vanilla will literally stop people in their tracks and having them ask, “What is that?!” but this is more in intimate scent that you’ll catch little sniffles of as the day progresses so if someone is super close they’ll be able to smell it.

The Leave In Conditioner is a fine mist and is formulated for damaged, unruly, frizzy or fragile hair. I have frizzy but I wouldn’t call my hair damaged, fragile, or too unruly however, this works fine for me as it refines my hair, makes it smoother with less tangles, and very soft. I typically mist it on after I towel dry my hair and re-wrap my hair in a towel after as I dress. After I come through and my hair is quite a good deal easier to work through as it lends a nice conditioning element to tangles and any knots that pop up! I even mist a bit onto my hair after I’ve styled so I can get a bit more of the fragrance.

Needless to say I’m so very happy I’ve rediscovered the joys of Carol’s Daughter!

Anyone try this one?

Do share!



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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 7/31/14 19:12 Danadoo:

    I typically use redken all soft leave in conditioner, but this intrigues me because I LOVE the scent of tiare flower! Ive never tried the carols daughter line, but ive heard good things about it. Im gonna head to target tomorrow and see if they have this.


  • 8/1/14 11:32 JenJ:

    Oh Lawd. Something else Muse says I need *counts pennies*


    • 8/4/14 9:57 Isabella Muse:



  • 8/4/14 19:38 LBR:

    I tried the sacred tiare styling cream and it works very well with my wavy/curly hair. I thought it might be too heavy but it isn’t – a tiny dab goes a long way and my hair smells wonderful all day. I am obsessed with the black vanilla too. Loving this line.


  • 8/5/14 7:44 Lexi:

    Do you use your reg conditioner in the shower and then use this after – or just this and skip the in-shower conditioner?


    • 8/5/14 9:14 Isabella Muse:

      I do use regular conditioner in the shower. I can’t skip it my hair is too long! So I wash and conditioner as usual, towel my hair off slightly, and mist this on.


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