Etude House Apricot Stick Review & Swatches

Etude House Apricot Sticks

Etude House Apricot Stick is a new glossy tinted lip stick introduced for Summer 2014 in eight shade selections (each color has a different taste and flavor).

Have a look see!

So these are quite like the Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Sticks but they are a bit more pigmented. Apparently the Etude House Apricot Stick formula is infused with the extras from kiwi, lemon, pears, etc..and also contain ceramide to provide moisture and help retain it.

Each comes in a smaller twist up pen design with a flat head that fits the contour of lips quite nicely. I only tried one shade and it’s fairly sheer on my pigmented, natural lip color but my friend tried two different shades and both were quite nicely tinted on his lips but his lips are paler.

Etude House Apricot Stick

Etude House Apricot Stick

Etude House Apricot Stick swatches

Etude House Apricot Stick Swatches

They have a balmy lightweight texture that feels nicely moisturizing on but wouldn’t wow me overly much in the hydrating department. These are the type of things I like to have laying around in my desk drawer for quickie application so my lips aren’t completely bare as they add a hint of moist, shiny tinted color but nothing too dramatic or too difficult to apply or maintain. No worries if the flavor worries you, I tried the shade #4 Sour Apricot and it only has a very light fragrance and taste.

Etude House Apricot Stick fotd

Overall, I don’t that Etude House Apricot Sticks are an absolutely must have but if you want a little bit of a tinted treat to tuck into your makeup bag for quick moisture and tint this does the trick well without being too large or heavy to tote around!

I got mine off shop F2Plus1.


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  • 7/29/14 20:58 Kate:

    I think the face examples would help if you looked straight on : ) love the blog


  • 7/29/14 21:09 don pon:

    I got a few Apricot Sticks about a year ago… It’s not a summer 2014 release, they’ve been around for a while! 😉


  • 7/30/14 0:19 Mairi:

    I’ve been eyeing these on eBay, thanks for the swatches!


    • 7/30/14 9:32 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure!


  • 8/1/14 13:56 Jenny:

    Apricot sticks aren’t released in 2014, I actually bought this from the actual Etude House store last year. Good review though!


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