Etude House Cushion Lock ‘n Liner Review & Swatches

Etude House Cushion Lock 'n Liner 1

Etude House Cushion Lock ‘n Liner is a new cushion eyeliner that launched with the Etude House Lock n’ Summer Proof 10 Summer 2014 Collection. Etude House Cushion Lock ‘n Liner is a very INTERESTING product kids so you’re definitely going to want to read this review!

Etude House Cushion Lock 'n Liner 2

Etude House Cushion Lock ‘n Liner is available in five shade selections and will likely be a permanent part of the Etude House Collection well after Summer is over.

The idea of this eyeliner is incredibly innovative and quite unique! Etude House utilizes the cushion foundation we are currently see it and translates that packaging and idea to a liquid eyeliner!

Etude House Cushion Lock 'n Liner 5

Etude House markets Cushion Lock ‘n Liner as an extreme fix liner that won’t smudge or smear. This comes housed in a dual lid compact that’s a little bigger than a MAC eyeshadow. Flipping open the main lid will reveal another lid which keeps the liner fresh. It is indeed a cushion or a small sponge that you’ll find inside the compact. It has the texture of a sponge with a squishy feel. The sponge is saturated with liner and you can dip the small slanted eyeliner brush (the brush comes with it!) into the sponge and load up on color.


Unlike foundation and the new cushion blushes Etude House launched the sponge is VERY VERY DRY! I only purchased one shade so I’m unsure if this is a fluke or not but the sponge isn’t saturated with a ton of eyeliner and the promo images, which show a very intense, pigmented eyeliner look, are impossible to achieve. I pressed and I even scraped and as you can see on my arm I was BARELY able to draw a line on my arm using this. It’s not “wet” enough. I did show it on my eye because it actually creates this softer, smudge-y finish versus say actually creating an intense cat eye with it. So if your goal in your eye look life is to have a smudged up smoky effect you might love Etude House Cushion Lock ‘n Liner! But for those wanting an intensely lined eye, well, this isn’t going to do that!

etude house cushion eyeliner

Yeah, so, that kind of eyeliner look isn’t happening when using this product!

I really want to purchase another one and see if the formula is like this all around or if I just happened to get a fluke or perhaps the product dried out since it did ship from Korea to New York during a very hot, humid time. As of now I’m disappointed but I also don’t really mind the smoky, smudge-y look it create either so I guess it’s a hit or miss product. It did wear well on my drier eyes and didn’t flake or smear and removed easily at the end of an eight hour wear.

Etude House Cushion Lock 'n Liner

Etude House Cushion Lock ‘n Liner

Etude House Cushion Lock 'n Liner swatches

Etude House Cushion Lock ‘n Liner Swatches

Etude House Cushion Lock 'n Liner 7

Etude House Cushion Lock 'n Liner on eyes
Please excuse my irritated eyes, I was wearing Tarte’s new mascara in this pic and it did  number on my eyes!
Etude House Cushion Lock ‘n Liner is interesting and very unique but if all the formulas are like the one I tried, well, it’ll likely disappoint many liquid eyeliner users! I’m a bit unsteady with liquid eyeliner so I’m not mind the smoky smudge finish it creates but I see it being a real issue for those who love and use liquid liner often!

I purchased Etude House Cushion Lock ‘n Liner from seller F2Plus1.

Tried it?

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This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 7/11/14 14:43 Mia:

    I ordered the black, purple and brown from the same seller but from their site. I didn’t get the black one though, as there were a problem (but I got full refund) the purple and brown were not dry at all! And the black one I got from another seller was liquidy as well. So I am not sure what happened to yours..


    • 7/11/14 14:50 Isabella Muse:

      well that’s GOOD news!!!!!! I assume it dried out in shipment! We’ve had some intense humidity in NY!


      • 7/11/14 20:36 Mia:

        Ah I see!
        And btw, tbf, I didn’t like the application of it, it isn’t the most opaque, so it needs some swipes. And the brush is…not the best for that. But the purple was gorgeous. (btw I ain’t trying to steal the ”spotlight” here lol)


        • 7/24/14 13:27 Isabella Muse:

          oh hell no! I love you for sharing 😀 always great to get a different opinion and thoughts on something!


          • 8/3/14 11:45 Mia:

            You know what, forget everything I wrote earlier! They’ve dried on me! Luckily I found out about the product recall thing. Jeez!

          • 8/4/14 9:33 Isabella Muse:

            :( sorry!

  • 7/12/14 0:30 Redha:

    Oh no, it dried. i was really exited when this launched and wait for someone to review to see the formula and how it looks.


  • 7/12/14 12:44 Rachel:

    I bet yours is just dried out! How annoying! Maybe you can exchange it with them for another one? What a cute packaging idea, I love it! I am tempted by this even though I usually love the gel eyeliners in a pot….


    • 7/24/14 13:26 Isabella Muse:

      I’m actually going to try and repurchase when the weather is cooler! curious if the formula will be the same!


  • 7/12/14 13:23 Kelly:

    I’ve been really curious about the Etude House summer cushion line, especially this eyeliner cushion. I’ve heard a lot of people say that the top of the cushion gets dried out so I’ve been wary of purchasing it. Thanks for the review! I think I’m going to stick to my regular eyeliners!


    • 7/24/14 13:22 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure kelly :) glad I wasn’t the only one that experienced the dry out!


  • 7/14/14 1:02 Kay:

    Awwwh I was expecting amazeball results!


  • 7/16/14 17:16 Neri:

    I just tried the Etude House Lock n Summer cushion foundation : ) It provides light coverage, so it’s better for ladies who are going for a light coverage only :) otherwise, I read that the Laneige BB Any Cushion foundation has good coverage, and the Innisfree Long Wear BB cushion has longer wear time! Both are Korean brands.


  • 7/20/14 19:12 Kairi:

    Unfortunately, I had the same problem as you did! The sponge was moist and it did go onto the brush, but it was a real mess trying to apply it since it dried up so fast. Not to mention, it came off a little too easily with just a bit of mild soap and warm water when I was washing my hands, after testing it out on the back of my hand.
    I bought the DJ Black and GO! Blue from another Korean seller on Ebay, so I’m really wondering whether it does have to do with the weather and shipping, or if the product itself is a dud. :(


    • 7/24/14 11:08 Isabella Muse:

      i wonder if it has something to do with the weather!? I expected it to be wet and squishy just like the blushers and foundation, weird it was so dry!


  • 7/24/14 20:25 Kay:

    Glad I have only purchased one, I got the blue one. I wasn’t sure how it would work with the angled eyeliner brush and the spongey eyeliners… This product seems disappointing from your review :( Thanks thou x


    • 7/25/14 10:07 Isabella Muse:

      did you try it yet kay? curious how your results were! My pleasure!


  • 7/31/14 12:24 Sofia:

    i was also super intrigued by these and i’m glad i didn’t purchase them, it seems a lot of people have had the same problem as you!
    just a tip-off, the seller f2plus1 also runs a website called “beautynetkorea” and they have just put up a recall notice for these so i would check it out to see if you can get your money back! :)


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