Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist Review

Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist

Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist is one of four new products that launched with the Etude House Ice Shot Summer 2014 Collection. You might recall Etude House had launched Ice Shot products last year as well and as far as I know the Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist was NOT part of last year’s collection and is a new product.

Let’s take a peek!

Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist is actually an aerosol mist. I say this because there have been products like Etude House Aqua Sorbet Ice Toner which you can’t technically mist on your face. This shoots out a very cold blast of icy foam which has to be applied to a cotton pad as directly on your face it would be too cold and too harsh. I expected Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooking Mist to have the same formula but it’s actually your typical mist much like you’d see from Evian.

Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist is supposedly created with Canadian glacier water and acts to provide moisture and cool relief to tired, dry skin. You’ll find the formula isn’t as cooling as other products in the collection such as the Etude House Ice Shot Freeze Foam.

Ice Shot should be taken with a grain of salt because if you aren’t keeping this in your fridge it really isn’t all that cooling on its own. The good news is that it is in fact a very nice mist with some hydrating properties. It has a citrus-y fresh scent that most Etude House skincare products have and does have a fine mist so it isn’t soaking you down when you use it. You can carry it around at say a theme park or to the beach to use on your arms, legs, and face for a gentle mist to cool you down. Mind you, in hot, humid weather any water is good water right? But don’t expect this to have an icy cool feel as it’s just a regular facial mist in my opinion.

I actually uses it to set my Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation this week because it leaves my skin with a nice, dewy layer and allows the harsh lines of the powder to smooth over when applied far away from your face. So you can use it as a makeup fix or set if you like!

I’m always excited and obsessed with facial mists and Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist might be a bit misleading in the name but still a nice, lighting hydrating facial mist none the less. Just to buy it assuming it’s a super cool mist. It can, of course, be one if you store it in the fridge! But on its own there isn’t anything icy, rapid, or cooling about it!

I got mine on from seller F2plus1.


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  • 7/9/14 23:38 tania:

    The bottle looks promising but I definitely will stick to Evian, as it very easy to find & convenient.. :)


  • 7/10/14 12:21 JoElla:

    Sounds fun, and who doesn’t love a nice facial spray in the summer.


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