Etude House Lock n Summer Face Conditioning Fixer Review

Etude House Face Conditioning Fixer

Etude House Lock n Summer Face Conditioning Fixer launched recently in Korea with the new Etude House Lock n Summer 2014 Collection. Etude House already has a Makeup Fix Mist and I can’t say if the Face Conditioning Fixer formula is the same as I haven’t tried the old version.

I’m not much of a makeup mist person. I do like Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray but aside from that makeup mists kinda make me think messy. Not to be confused, of course, with my deep love and respect for awesome facial mists!

So far be it for me to rave a makeup fix mist but I have to say Etude House Lock n Summer Face Conditioning Fixer is pretty darn awesome!

One of the things I like most about Etude House Lock n Summer Face Conditioning Fixer is the fact it’s such a chameleon, it just has so many faces or in this case uses.

This a fine mist spray which has a fresh floral fragrance that can be used to hydrate skin prior to makeup, set makeup after application, or you can use it just to refresh makeup through the day.

The formula is interesting because if I apply it as a primer of sorts it adds a good deal of moisture to my face. I simply mist it on and pat my fingers on my face to allow it to absorb faster. I noticed instantly my concealer and foundation applied more easily using this method. But strangely enough it’ll set to an almost matte finish so any excess shine or oil on my skin disappears (I’m dry but in the Summer I tend to get shiny)!

Etude House Lock n Summer Face Conditioning Fixer

I don’t use powder foundations and tend to stick to BB, CC, or cream foundation products. This is one reason I find makeup fix mists weird because after applying a ton of cream products and proceeding to must my face seems like a disaster. But on the rare occasion I’m using a powder makeup or if you happen to be a mineral user I think mists like these can really refine your look as they ease the powdery, perhaps drier finish of your makeup and ad a bit of dewiness to your look without over doing things! If you have drier skin you know that a little dewiness goes a long way with powder foundation so this makes your powder look flawless versus accentuating your flakier areas!

Finally you can use this to refresh your makeup through the day. There are times through the day when my face starts looking lackluster and a little mist of this and suddenly I look like a million bucks against as adds a bit of a healthy dewiness to my skin. And of course, if you like, you can just mist it prior to skincare in the evening as well to prep your skin for your nightly regime.

I LIKE this stuff. It multitask like a damn diva and does all its tasks perfectly. This isn’t no one trick pony kids, it masters all tricks.

Muse Approved.

I got it from seller F2Plus1.

Tried it?

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