FREE Cargo Suited to a Tea Cream Eyeshadow Palette

Cargo Spring Tea Tin Cream Eyeshadow Palette

NYX, L’Oreal, Physicians Formula, and Neutrogena is 40% Off at today and if you spend $50 or more you can grab up a FREE Cargo Suited To A Tea Cream Eyeshadow Palette!


  • 7/1/14 9:30 Jamie:

    I’m not surprised they’re giving out those palettes for free! I ordered mine back when it came out because the colors looked so pretty, but no matter how hard I rubbed my brush in those colors, nothing would pick up let alone go onto my eyelids!


  • 7/1/14 11:05 Michelle:

    I was convinced by a Kohl’s beauty associate to buy one that was on clearance. It looked beautiful so I thought “what a deal!!” (it was like 7 bucks). I have never regretted a beauty purchase more. No matter what I do the shadows crease. When I say crease, I mean, CREASE. I was so disappointed. The colors are gorgeous going on but within half an hour, they’re a creasy mess even with primer or topped with a powder :(


  • 7/1/14 12:10 heather:

    when I got the email saying this was free with purchase, I immediately thought they couldn’t sell them with the bad reviews, so they had to give them away to clear them out!!! just last week, I went to and happened to notice all the cargo was on clearance, I thought it was gonna be like Sephora and ulta was not going to sell cargo anymore, so I snatched up I could, I got both primers, foundation, cc cream, lipstick, brow products, a total of 15 items, and I paid $98 total!!! after my purchase, cargo disappeared from, now they are back and everything is full price again?? I don’t get it, but I’m not complaining, what I bought for $98 is worth $400 now!!!


    • 7/2/14 15:16 Veronica:

      It’s possible they renegotiated the contract. I remember an Ulta employee telling me that they had cut ties over the Kohl’s deal because of the competitive edge they would lose over it, but it’s possible Cargo approached them with a more profitable contract and they jumped on it. It’s definitely not returning to my store that I know of, though, since our Ulta is literally a two minutes walk down from Kohl’s. Pointless overlap, I guess.


  • 7/1/14 13:35 Nicole:

    I bought this palette, and returned it. It’s like poor quality barely pigmented grease paint. It was just so disappointing. I wanted it to be at least decent, but it wasn’t anywhere near that.


  • 7/1/14 13:35 Gillie:

    The colors are gorgeous and the packaging is adorable, but I’m glad other people commented before I read the post. I was tempted…when you say creasing, though, I remember a Bliss cream shadow I had years ago. No matter what I did to prep, I ended up with eye shadow in all the wrong places.

    Bummer. :(


  • 7/7/14 9:16 Candice:

    PHEW! I just ordered 45$ worth of NYX stuff on July 4th, I was starting to be bummed that I didn’t order from Ulta a couple days earlier to get this free palette (with an extra 5$ of purchase). My feeling of having missed out is gone now, seeing what people are saying about it. Too bad for those who bought it and received it though, I can imagine having high expectations and excitement with this product, it’s really pretty in the picture.


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